Eurovision YouTuber Fatih Melek published movie script called ‘Take Me To Euroheaven’

Fatih Melek is a Turkish singer, Eurovision fan and YouTube vlogger, mostly known as a guy who has done various parody videos over the Eurovision seasons. Therefore, he recently published a movie script, called ‘Take Me To Euroheaven’. Here’s few thoughts the author shared with us.

“I got the idea for writing a Eurovision movie after I came back from Vienna 2015. Because it literally brings together my two favorite things in the world: writing and Eurovision. So I thought it would be a lot of fun, which it was. I finished the first draft at the end of 2016, then made a major revision in 2018. I sent it around but of course it’s a shot in the dark, you can’t make people read your script unless you have strong connections. I actually sent it to a former Netflix executive through a friend and never heard back. Then in June 2018, I learned that Netflix is doing a Eurovision movie! It was a huge surprise.

Apart from writing, Fatih Melek is also a singer.

“The funny thing is the fictitious Eurovision in my movie has the slogan “In Perfect Harmony”. And the photos from Netflix’s Eurovision movie set showed that the Eurovision in their movie has the slogan “Perfect Harmony”. I’m sure it’s a big coincidence because my screenplay couldn’t be further away from a Will Ferrell comedy, who I love. But it was encouraging for me to see that my imagination could create something similar to a big Netflix production.”

One of the 2019 parodies – ‘Say No No No’.

“So, cut to today, I decided that I want to share this movie with the world, I don’t want to keep it hidden in my computer. That’s why I published it on Wattpad. Reading it takes me a to a different world, my heartbeats actually go up in the end, even though I know what’s gonna happen! I hope when people read it, they feel the same, they laugh and have a good time, especially in these quarantine days. The cancellation of Eurovision 2020 still hurts and I don’t know if I can create a parody this year. So instead I’m giving people this parallel universe where we go to Budapest for Eurovision and UK is a favorite to win! “

Fatih Melek’s work is available here. Have you read it already? We’re more than interested in your opinion. Let us know in the comments below.

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