We’re looking for the best song of 2020! Here are the Semi 1 qualifiers!

As the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest got cancelled, we still want to have a winner for this year. The scores of our 14 reviewers, who are casual viewers of Eurovision and who reacted and rated each of the participating songs at the very first listening, the scores of 14 of our editors and the votes of our readers combined will give us our own finalists. We posted the review of the Romanian song “Alcohol You” by Roxen yesterday, and the daily poll where all of our readers could vote for it has just closed. Romania was the last of the songs from the first semi final, thus we now have a result!

Romania managed to score a total of 114 points with our readers through our daily poll, thus even though it had the lowest score with our reviewers, having one of the highest scores with our readers made it enter the top 10. The song that scored the highest with our reviewers in the first semi was Sweden’s “Move” by The Mamas, the favorite of our editors panel was Azerbaijan’s “Cleopatra” by Efendi, whilst the one that scored the most points from our readers was Russia’s “Uno” by Little Big.

The full results of the first semi final in our voting is as follows:

RankingCountryTotal scoreReviewersEditorsReaders
13North Macedonia246887385

The winner of the first semi final is Azerbaijan with “Cleopatra” by Efendi, followed by Lithuania’s “On Fire” by The Roop in second, and Sweden’s “Move” by The Mamas in third place. Russia and Malta complete the top five, whilst the remaining five qualifiers are Norway, Israel, Romania, Australia and Belgium.

These 10 songs will join the six automatic finalists, as well as 10 songs from the second semi final (which are going to be selected the same way), in our Grand Final, where the winner will be chosen by a mix of votes from our editors panel, and votes from our readers.

We will continue our “Public Reacts” project tomorrow with the review of the French song – “Mon Alliée / The Best In Me” by Tom Leeb.

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