Amaya revealed her true-self with the newest single ‘Trust Issues’

Who doesn’t remember the powerful performance of ‘No One’, back from 2011 Eurovision Song Contest?

It’s been nine years since that very performance in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Maja Keuc’s path changed totally ever since. Starting with a new name – Amaya, and currently with her debut single ‘Trust Issues‘, from this year’s upcoming EP exploring heartbreak, self-examination, and forgiveness.

Amaya was just a budding teen artist in Slovenia, when she stumbled across a YouTube video, that would set in motion events that would turn her life around completely. Little did she know discovering a Swedish prodigy band Dirty Loops would lead her on a path to love and eventually moving to Sweden. She and Jonah (the lead singer) connected on MySpace and fast forward several years later, after packing up and leaving the only life she knew behind, after their engagement and several difficult life events, her “happily ever after” abruptly came to an end.

Trust Issues is about a time, when I was madly in love with my ex. We met on MySpace and I moved to Sweden for him. I even went on to study jazz in Swedish, because it was the only music academy in Stockholm where I could get my Bachelor Degree, as this was the only criteria for my mum not to hunt me down and drag me back to Slovenia. Let me tell you, I knew nothing about jazz and absolutely didn’t understand Swedish back then, haha! He was a touring musician, so most of the time I was alone at home. I wasn’t aware of how much I idolised him and that I had self worth issues. In those lonely and depressing times, I was more than ever seeking for love and approval and stopped trusting my actions. It didn’t matter how much love he showed me because it could never be enough. I didn’t know how to love myself, so eventually it became very destructive and our ‘happily ever after’ abruptly came to an end.”

Amaya about the background and the influence over her newest single ‘Trust Issues’

The breakup heavily inspired Amaya to translate her sorrow, the lessons from this heartache and a path to self forgiveness, into her upcoming EP coming out in September 2020. Her debut single “Trust Issues” is a very bold confession portraying Amaya’s remorse and introspection when her long term relationship fell apart. You can listen to the ‘Trust Issues’ below.

You can listen to ‘Trust Issues’ on Spotify

Have you listened to the newest single ‘Trust Issues’ of Amaya yet? Do you want her to return back to the Eurovision stage? Let us know at the comments below.

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