Eurovision Shows guide for 16th of May!

Even though the circumstances have changed the big Eurovision day has arrived and here is your ultimate guide to all the shows which will be happening during the day the highlight of this years Eurovision season is the show Europe Shine A Light. While a lot of broadcasters have so far presented their special show those won’t be lacking on this day too, the only obstacle to fully enjoy all of those shows could be the language barrier as some of the programs are available in the native language of the country.

Especially for you escbubble prepared a full schedule of all events. Times of all shows are CEST and you can click on the links to be redirected at the website. In case that some links don’t work try going to the page of the broadcaster or if you have the channel on which the show will be aired watch it from your TV.

Escbubble will be live blogging the Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light and BBC’s Eurovision Come Together so don’t forget to tune in to our live blogs too. Enjoy this Eurovision super Saturday!

Saturday 16th of May

00:00 United Kingdom: Dana: The Original Derry Girl (BBC Four)
00:15 Ireland: Dana: The Original Derry Girl (RTÉ One)
01:50 Iceland: Eurovision 1987 rebroadcast (RÚV)
04:00 United Kingdom: From ABBA to Azerbaijan (BBC Radio 2)
11:00 United Kingdom: Graham Norton (BBC Radio 2)
11:30 Australia: Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! (SBS
13:00 Belgium: De Songfestival top 40 (Radio 2)  
13:05 Israel: Dare To Dream – documentary part 1 and 2 (KAN)
14:30 Australia: Eurovision TOP 40 Controversy (SBS
15:00 The Netherlands: De Beste Zangers (NPO1)  
16:05 Finland: Eurovision Diaries (YLE TV2, YLE Areena)
16:30 Australia: Secrets of Eurovision (SBS
16:55 Iceland: Eurovision 1986 rebroadcast (RÚV)
17:05 Finland: Yle Olohuone: Euroviisustudio (YLE TV2, YLE Areena
17:30 Finland: Eurovision 2007 rebroadcast (YLE TV2, YLE Areena)
18:15 Israel: Dare To Dream – documentary final part (KAN)
18:40: United Kingdom: Pointless Celebrities: Eurovision Special (BBC One)
19:25 The Netherlands: Het beste van het songfestival (NPO1)
19:30 United Kingdom: Eurovision – Come Together (BBC One)
19:40 Norway: Beat For Beat MGP Special (NRK 1)
19:55 Ireland: Marty’s Magical Eurovision Moments (RTÉ One)
20:00 Slovenia: Pesem Evrovizije: Najboljših 25 (RTVSLO)
20:00 Lithuania: EuROOPvision (LRT)
20:00 Sweden: P4 Music Eurovision (Sveriges Radio)
20:10 SwitzerlandDie Schweiz am ESC – Dramen, Siege, Emotionen (SRF, RTS and RSI)
20:10 Bosnia & Herzegovina: B&H performers at Eurovision (BHRT)
20:10 Cyprus: Eurovision Introduction with Loukas Hamatsos (RIK 1)
20:15 Germany: Eurovision Song Contest 2020 – das Deutsche Finale live aus der Elbphilharmonie (Das Erste,
20:15 GermanyFree European Song Contest (ProSiebenJoyn
20:15 Austria: Österreich 12 Punkte – die Song Contest Erfolgsgeschichte (ORF 1)
20:20 Latvia: Eurovision 2020: Samanta Tina in Studio (LTV1)
20:30 Poland: Alicja Szemplińska – droga do Eurowizji  (TVP 1)
20:30 Estonia: Created on stage – Uku Suviste (ETV)
20:42 Finland: Yle Olohuone: Euroviisustudio (Eurovision Studio) (YLE TV2, YLE Areena)
21:00 Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light (Youtube and 46 TV channels all 41 participating broadcasters and RTBF; BHRT; Khabar TV; RTK and RTCG)
22:00 United Kingdom: Graham Norton, Douze Points (BBC Radio 2)
23:00 United KingdomThe A-Z of Eurovision (BBC Two)
23:00 United Kingdom: Eurovision Kings and Queens of Pop (BBC Radio 2)
23:05 France: La Grande Histoire d’Eurovision (France 2)
23:10 Iceland: Eurovision ball (RÚV)
23:35 Italy: Techetechetè – Notes of Europe (RAI 1)
00:00 Germany: Eurovision Song Contest 2010 (Das Erste,

Sunday 17th of May

00:00 United KingdomTOTP2 Goes Eurovision (BBC Two)
01:10 Iceland: Eurovision 1986 rebroadcast (RÚV)
03:00 United Kingdom:Ken Bruce’s Ultimate Eurovision Chart (BBC Radio 2)
12:30 Australia:Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light (SBS)
14:35 Iceland: Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light – reprise (RÚV)
16:45 Iceland: Eurovision ball – reprise (RÚV)
18:00 United Kingdom:Let’s Abba Party (BBC Radio 2)

We will be live blogging Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light and BBC’s Eurovision Come Together don’t forget to tune in to our live blogs too.
Which ones of these are the shows you plan to watch? Let us know in the comments below and at our social media links!

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