Norway decided Iceland is their favourite!

Norway presented a special Eurovision show “Norge bestemmer” (Norway decides) in which audience got a chance to choose their favourite entry of Eurovision 2020. The show was hosted by Marte Stokstad, who was recently appointed as the new commentator for Eurovision Song Contest in Norway. It was co-hosted by Ronny Brede Aase (host of MGP 2020) and it featured guest panelist Per Sundnes and Ingeborg Heldal later on joined by Ulrikke Brandstorp as well as four Eurovision fans. Each song was presented by a fan who loved the entry.

Ulrikke was among the guests and she talked about her experience and the show featured a special video mashup of all reactors with impressions of “Attention” as well as her receiving an honourary plaque.

The list of the songs viewers could vote was:
Germany: Ben Dolic – “Violent Thing”
Italy: Diodato – “Fai rumore”
Sweden: The Mamas – “Move”
Bulgaria: Victoria – “Tears Getting Sober”
Russia: Little Big – “Uno”
Azerbaijan: Samira Efendi – “Cleopatra”
Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – “Répondez-moi”
Iceland: Daði Freyr & Gagnamagnið – “Think About Things”
France: Tom Leeb – “Mon Alliée: The Best in Me”
Malta: Destiny Chukunyere – “All Of My Love”
Romania: Roxen – “Alcohol You”
Lithuania: The Roop – “On Fire”

The winner was decided by the audience on the website They had a chance to distribute maximum three votes.

Full results of the votes are as follows:

  1. Iceland – Daði and Gagnamagnið – 25 295
  2. Russia – Little Big – 13 770
  3. Lithuania – The Roop -12 002
  4. Italy – Diodato – 10 367
  5. Malta – Destiny – 9 945
  6. Sweden – The Mamas – 9 334
  7. Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears – 6 934
  8. Bulgaria – VICTORIA – 6 532
  9. Germany – Ben Dolic – 6 523
  10. France – Tom Leeb – 6 167
  11. Azerbaijan – Efendi – 5 295
  12. Romania – Roxen – 4 299

Daði was declared a winner yet another time, after winning special selections in Sweden, Finland and Austria.

Daði Freyr – “Think About Things”

In addition to this Norway opened song submissions for Melodi Grand Prix 2021!

Let us know what are your impressions of the Norwegian choice in the comments below and at our social media links!

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