Germany reveals their selection process for Eurovision 2021!

As it was already expected the representatives of NDR have revealed that they will be organizing the same internal selection where the artist and song will be evaluated by independent juries prior to its selection. This also means that Ben Dolić will not be internally selected for Eurovision 2021. However, the fact that Ben won’t be back at Eurovision 2021 is not out of the question. According to NDR, he can apply with a new song and then go through the selection process. As they state Ben intends to submit a new song together with the composer Boris Milanov.

“Ben and Boris want to submit a new song together. We are very happy about that. Because it should be clear to everyone that the two compete to win. But we also want to give new artists a chance to compete for Germany at ESC 2021. “

Representative of NDR in an interview

Even though NDR was very satisfied with the song “Violent Thing” and success it achieved they still prefer to try to open a selection process and let the jury choose the most worthy song to represent Germany and if Ben manages that twice in a row it would be amazing success for him. At the same time, new acts can also apply and the NDR adheres to its two-track selection process, artists and songs are searched without connection to each other as there is no pre-determination for either of the two.

“Ben was not only chosen by the jury because he is an outstanding singer. The jury was won over by the combination of song and singer. We all agreed that Ben could also be involved in the selection process for 2021 with a new song. ”

Representative of NDR in an interview

Last years selection process had a total of 607 artists and 568 songs, 84 of which were created during the process. These 568 songs and 607 artists were then evaluated by a 100-member Eurovision jury and a 20-member international expert jury. It also involved a songwriting camp.

In the next step, the songs and artists – initially independently of one another – were continuously reduced in several voting rounds until there were 50 artists and 34 songs left. Then they paired songs with the artists to make a best possible fit. In the end, 20 act-song combinations consisting of 10 artists and 17 songs remained for the final round of voting. So some songs were logically sung by several artists. From 20 combinations (artist/songs) selected for the final round of judging Ben Dolić won with “Violent Thing”.

Ben Dolic – “Violent Thing”

Germany has joined Albania, Croatia, DenmarkEstoniaFranceFinlandLithuaniaNorway and Sweden who have announced earlier that they plan to go with their national selection methods for Eurovision next year while AustraliaAustriaAzerbaijanBelgiumBulgariaGeorgiaGreeceIsraelLatviaMaltaThe NetherlandsRomaniaSan Marino SpainSloveniaSwitzerland and Ukraine have confirmed reselection of their artists for the next edition of Eurovision.

What do you think of the German selection procedure? Which artist would you like to represent them next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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