Ani Lorak releases a new video project which will feature her daughter Sofia!

Ani Lorak released a new video for the song “Твоей любимой” (Your Beloved) the music video of the song is going to be a part of 6 short video stories, as they claim an ode about feeling familiar to everyone, regardless of age, gender, profession or skin color. Inspired by the beauty and femininity of film stars Monica Bellucci and Sophia Loren, whose talent does not lose its relevance after years. Ani Lorak acts as the storyteller, while the main role in one of the videos will be played by her 9-year-old daughter Sofia.

“Sofia dreams of becoming an actress and with great enthusiasm supported the idea of ​​playing a role in my new video,” says Ani. – This is her first real acting debut! She often observes how I work in the frame, but always stayed on the other side of the camera. It seems to me that her time has come. From the very first minutes on the set, Sofia tuned in to serious work, made friends with her on-screen lover and perfectly entered the image of her heroine.

Music is done by Eugene Lishafay who wrote the lyrics together with Ani Lorak while 90210 Group is behind the production and the director of the video is Radislav Lukin who is also the director of her music video for the song “Обещаю” (Promise)

“This work turned out to be very light and emotional, because the main roles in it were played not by professional actors, but by ordinary people for whom the manifestation of feelings in the frame is of a genuine nature,” says the director, Radislav Lukin. In previous videos, Ani Lorak emphasized fashion images, complex plots and camera stunts. The same clip is built on a mosaic of emotions, lightness and space. The world is now going through a difficult period and we all want love to warm our hearts at this time – true, mutual, real. This is a story about how little we need to be happy and how much it can mean. This is a story about the importance of love in the life of every person.”

Watch the video below.

Let us know your impressions of the project Ani Lorak will be presenting and the first out of six videos she released!

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