Dami Im releases song intended for National final

Dami Im has released her new song, which she has said she was considering to send to the Australian National final Eurovision: Australia Decides next year.

We reported yesterday that the Australian national final would not be returning next year, but will instead return in 2022, with singer Montaigne getting the chance to represent Australia next year.

Dami said:

“I am so thrilled to share my new single with you. It’s called ‘Paper Dragon.’ I co-wrote it with ELKI and it’s produced by Konstantin Kersting.”

“It’s an anthem telling your doubters who you really are, that ‘I am a dragon.’”

“I originally had considered this song for my entry toward Eurovision next year. But since everything has changed now, and I didn’t want to wait, I decided to release the song anyway.”

You can see the video for the song directed by Stefano Bertelli below:

What do you think of Dami’s new song? How do you think it could’ve done in the National final? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Endless space says

    The song is OK but not as good as sound of Silence.
    She would really need to step up with the Vocals, this is not a winning song in its present form.
    But then simple songs like last year and 2017 can win Eurovision, the song has just got to fit in with whats happening.
    I don’t think she should go back to EV with this song, the expectation for a great song which this is not is high.
    Australia can only win EV with a perfect song which SOS was and Dami and Australia will need to come back bigger and better.
    Australia cant win with a simple song simply because the negativity of OZ being in the contest.

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