Eesti Laul 2021 – First Semi Finalists revealed!

We know that Eurovision 2021 is happening in one form or another, and Estonia have set the ball rolling with tonight’s announcement of the first 12 semi finalists for their popular selection process “Eesti Laul”

2020’s winner, Uku Suviste, has been given a free pass into the contest, and tonight it was announced that he will be singing “The Lucky One” where again he has teamed up with Sharon Vaughn – will be get something different from them this time?

Next to be announced is Tuuli Rand with “Uks oo” (One Night). Tuuli is 30 years old from Saare County, an island off the west coast of Estonia.  Tuuli unusually, appeared in Eesti Laul 2013 twice, as part of the group Söörömöö with the song “Üle vee” and as a singer along with Teele, Ula & DrumAttack on “Ring The Alarm”, finishing 5th and 10th respectively.

The 3rd announced is the band Gram-Of-Fun with “Lost In A Dance”. Gram-ofFun describe themselves as “a colourful group of friends who despite all being different, share the same values when it comes to art.” Although the band formed in late 2018, singer Kristel Aaslaid is no stranger to Eesti Laul, having sung vocals for Cartoon in 2016 and as part of Oed in 2019 (with Tuuli Rand, see above!)

Next up is Juri Pootsmann with the song “Magus melanhoolia” (Sweet Melancholy). Juri represented Estonia in Stockholm 2016, unfortunately not qualifying for the grand final. Juri has continued to make music since the contest with his most recent release “Uksinda koos” in 2019 reaching the Estonian Top 20.

The duet REDEL are next with the song Tartu, which we know as Estonia’s second largest city. Written by Kristjan Oden (Estonian comedian) and Indrek Vaheoja  (Winny Puhh EL 2013)) we can only guess what they’ll give us on stage!

Kea will be singing the song “Hypnotized” this year. She’s another artist from the 2016 contest, where she sang “Lonely Boy” and finished 8th in the final.

Hans Nayna will be singing “One By One”, which he co-wrote with Vahur Valgmaa . Hans is originally from Mauritius and there’s a couple of good tracks on Youtube to give you a feel for his music.   Vahur Valgmaa is a music producer who has worked with Elisa Kolk, Rolf Roosalu and Koit Toome.

Next up is Nika Marula with “Calm Down”, co written with Andrei Zevakin and Daniil Kotilevits. Nika was in Eesti Laul 2018, where she sang “Knock Knock”, finishing 9th in the final. Andrei Zevakin is a prolific music producer and participated in Eesti Laul 2019, with Xtra Basic and Emily J.  Talking of which…..

No 9 tonight is Andrei Zevakin again, this time with rapper Pluuto and the song “Wingman”.  With Zevakin’s EDM background and Pluuto being a rapper/hip hop artist, this could be a very interesting collaboration!

The band WIIRALT will be singing “Tuuled”(You) and describe themselves as “A band where raw and primitive sleep with elegance. Like a successful hand operation with a chainsaw or an axe with a silk-cut beard. It tastes mildly domestically, but sounds like America, with its desert roots in its roots.” Having watched some of their previous releases (especially the rather fabulous “Tulivesi”, it looks like we will be getting something a little different in this year’s contest.  Who is going to tell them about the Eurovision Rule of 6?

Helen will be singing “Nii korgele” (So High) in Eesti Laul 2021.  Head over to Youtube to listen to her song “Peegelpildis” which is a bop and is her most recent release from June of this year.  One to watch?

Finally for this batch of 12 we have Koit Toome with “We Could Have Been Beautiful”, co written by Joonas Parkkonen and Peppina Pallijeff.  Good to see Koit back again, he of course represented Estonia both in 1998, finishing 12th with “Mere Lapsed” and the inexplicable non-qualifier that was “Verona” with Laura in 2017.

Tomorrow night we will get the final 12 – is there anyone you’re hoping will be announced? We are expecting the songs themselves in early December, when we will get a better feel for how Eesti Laul is shaping up!

Estonia chose Uku Suviste for the 2020 contest which sadly didn’t take place, here’s the video for his song “What Love Is”

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