Gjergj Kaçinari: “I wrote the lyrics for my song 4 years ago!”

Gjergj (Joe) Kaçinari is a singer, instrumentalist and songwriter. His unique voice, helped his road to fame after competing at the Albanian version of popular music show “The Voice” back in 2011. He is able to play many instruments such as: guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano. The music he creates is mainly in English language. Gjergj has been a member of many bands and the genres his music covers are: blues, country, rock n`roll to hard rock & heavy metal. He has participated at many festivals where he had a chance to showcase his art and music skills.

Hello Gjergj, Albanian audience got familiar with you after your participation at”The Voice Albania” back in 2011, since then you took part in many other Albanian festivals such as Kenga Magjike and others until you finally decided to compete at Festival i këngës this year. What were you working on in the last couple of years?
I had many bands after “The Voice” and took part in many festivals in Albania. After 2015 that I played the legendary “Africa” with Toto in Rome, things started to get better and in 2016 I played my first festival with Phil X (Bon Jovi) which led to many other gigs and festivals, also a priceless friendship. In 2017 I started “Kachinari” (as a band name) and since then I’ve published music videos like “Sweet Cruelty”, “All I Want”, “Another Day” etc.

Have you thought to apply at any previous edition of the show and what made you decide to take part at this year’s Festival i këngës?
I’ve been part or FiK for more than 10 years as a drummer of the band at first, then the keyboard player, I wrote songs and arranged for many artists during the years and my participation was a matter of time. I really don’t have a specific answer – why now, and I think it was because of working for others’ songs on FiK kept me very busy.

What was the idea behind “Më jep jetë” and what does the song mean to you?

It’s a personal song and lyrics I wrote 4+ years ago, as I was in a total different place, but it always was the kind of the song that really fits the festival – with all the orchestra, all the vocals and big sounding, etc. so I thought it may be a pretty good option. I translated/adapted the lyrics in Albanian with my friend Ilir Krasniqi (as I write all the songs in English) and then the festival decided to be without the orchestra at all.

You are playing several music instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano, do you plan to play any of those during your performance? Can you reveal us some details about your upcoming performance?

I was going to perform on piano but because of the coronavirus pandemic there was a change of plans so there won’t be an orchestra at all (as I mentioned above) and the instrumentals will be back played. I can’t focus on syncing hands with my own studio-playing.

You perform a lot of songs in English language given the fact that you co-wrote the lyrics to “Më jep jetë” have you thought to include a part in English language or make an English language version of the song?

As I mentioned before, this song was already in English, titled “Back To Me” and I think will be out with a music video but not anytime soon.

The competition of this year’s Festival i këngës is so tough, which acts do you see as the biggest competitors/like the most?

I just had a quick run through all the songs, as I’m dealing with the virus right now, but I worked on “Vallja e Jetës” by Kastro Zizo and arranged that song as well so I am gonna vote for that one. But I really don’t see any small or ‘big stars’.

What is your favorite song which competed at “Festival i këngës”?

I’ve been familiar with the Festival since ever, my dad (Alfred Kaçinari) won and wrote a lot of songs for this festival, I did so too and I find it hard on choosing any favorites.

If you were to represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest what would it mean to you? If so, would be fun.

Have you watched Eurovision in the past and do you have a favorite song of the contest? “Suus” is one hell of a song!

What is your first memory related to Eurovision Song Contest?

The first one I do not remember but when we were in Eurovision in Kyiv (2017) – because I was singing backing vocals there – I sure do have really great and crazy memories.

What do you do when you are not singing and making music?

I love sports, even though this year was really tough about doing anything at all, I love cooking and sure, I love eating. MOVIES! Yeah, I love movies too.

What are your plans after Festival i këngës 59?
I am gonna start working really focused on something brand new that will be launched around March (or anytime before summer) – hopefully.

Thank you so much for your time Gjergj. We wish you the best of luck at Festivali i këngës. Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for followers of escbubble?

Thank You and it was a pleasure! Really, on these weird and very hard times, just stay safe, enjoy things maybe you couldn’t before, like staying home with your family or anything else and please don’t listen to bad music, it’s like a poisoned food for your mind and soul. Peace and love!

You can listen to “Më jep jetë” below

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite at Festival i këngës 59!

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