Inis Neziri: “Romania and Russia have such a big place in my heart”

After finishing in third place in Festivali i Kenges back in 2017 with “Piedestal”, the super talented Inis Neziri went on to win two major international music festivals – Cerbul de Aur in Romania in 2018 and New Wave festival in Russia in 2019. She is now back in Festivali i Kenges, and this time she is trying to win Albania’s Eurovision ticket with the song “Pendese”, which she wrote by herself.

We had a great pleasure to chat with Inis about her upcoming performance in Festivali i Kenges, her brand new song, her international success, and a lot more. Check out everything she told us in this interview right here:

Hi Inis! First of all thank you for accepting our invitation to speak to us. There is only a couple of days left until Festivali i Kenges takes place, how are you feeling, and how did your rehearsals go?

Thanks for having me guys! I do spend most of my time with the preparations and the rehearsals which take the biggest part of my time. They are going pretty well and I haven’t faced any problems yet. So I can say ALL GOOD! 🙂

You already competed in this contest a few years ago with “Piedestal”. What are your nicest memories from your last participation?

“Piedestal” has been a beautiful era for me as I also sang them abroad where people appreciated me singing. I can say that the nicest memory from my previous attendance of FiK was having “Piedestal”.

“Piedestal” actually put you on the pedestal in international festivals in Romania and Russia. How do you think these experiences will help you in Festivali i Kenges?

Well for sure I got a lot of experience of being part of huge productions in different disciplines. These experiences will be giving me confidence and I have a lot of people supporting me from these territories, and that gives me such power. Romania and Russia have such a big place in my heart.

What made you come back to this contest this year?

I received invitations from FiK since my last participation but I never felt any songs that exploded in me. “Pendese” was the biggest fact brought me back and I’m so glad people feel what I felt creating that piece of mine. If you’re the one; Thank you for loving “Pendese”.

You wrote the song by yourself. Can you tell us more about the song and the message behind it?

It’s all about leaving the past behind and forgiving it. It’s about standing up to take a stronger shot and to move on in life. It’s for all of us against 2020 🙂

Tell us more about how your performance is going to look like…

Ask this question to my artistic director Nick Marianos. He has surprises for me, at least this is what he told me. I love you Nick! 🙂

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s competition?

I do love who I am and I do love where I was born. During this difficult time I want to stop the time and I want to bring everyone with me rising to the sky for 3 minutes. I’m looking forward to giving a hand to my people and whomever loves my music. This is the way I can contribute the most.

Have you had a chance to hear any of the other competing songs in this year’s FiK? Who do you think is that one act, who is going to be your biggest competition?

I have several of them in my head and sometimes I sing them out loud. I like all the works where I hear such professionalism and efforts. So no names, but appreciation to my colleagues 🙂

Why should you be the one to win FIK?

I came back only because I feel ready and I have the right people surrounded me. I’ve represented my country twice and brought victories in each of them and I wanna bring a level up. To sing and to wave my flag with love and music.

Part of an English version of your song was leaked online. Is it fair to say that should you win, you will go to Eurovision with the English version?

This is too early to say in which language I’ll sing in a possible Eurovision participation. But in any case “Pendese” will have its English version.

What other projects are you currently working on, apart from taking part in Festivali i Kenges?

With my team we are preparing an international album. I listen a lot of demos and working with some international producers currently. And I’m studying, if this counts as well 🙂

Thank you very much for your time Inis. We wish you the best of luck at Festivali i Kenges, and hope to see you in Eurovision 2021!

Once again thanks for having me and I’ll do my best for all the people who love me and my music. See you at Festivali i Kenges 59. I love you! 👐🏼

Give a listen to Inis’ entry in this year’s Festivali i Kenges right here:

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