Listen to the 24 competing songs at Eesti Laul 2021

Today the official Estonia Eurovision broadcaster, ERR, released the 24 competing songs at Eesti Laul 2021. Featuring the return of former winners Uku Suviste, Tanja, Jüri Pootsman and Koit Toome we’ve been looking forward to these entries a great deal!

You catch watch the videos of the entries on the ERR from tonight on the show named ‘Start’. If you just want the full songs though, they are available to listen to below.

1. Heleza – “6” (written by Karl Killing, Helena Põldmaa)

2. Alabama Watchdog – “Alabama Watchdog” (written by Ken Einberg)

3. Tanja – “Best Night Ever” (written by Timo Vendt, Tanja Mihhailova-Saar, Mihkel Mattisen)

4. Nika Marula – “Calm Down” (written by Andrei Zevakin, Nika Marula, Daniil Kotilevits)

5. Kadri Voorand – “Energy” (written by Kadri Voorand)

6. Kristin Kalnapenk – “Find A Way” (written by Kristin Kalnapenk, Hannes Agur Vellend)

7. Egert Milder – “Free Again” (written by Kaspar Kalluste, Matteo Capreoli, Egert Milder)

8. Suurud Tüdrukud – “Heaven’s Not That Far Tonight” (written by Koit Toome, Gevin Niglas, Karl Killing)

9. Kéa – “Hypnotized” (written by Ketter Orav, Sander Sadam, Alvar Antson, Karl-Mathias Saarse)

10. Uku Haasma – “Kaos” (written by Uku Haasma, Henri Erik Tammai, Rudolf Toltsberg)

11. Karl Killing – “Kiss Me” (written by Karl Killing)

12. Gram-Of-Fun – “Lost In A Dance” (written by Martin Kuut, Kristel Aaslaid, Raul Ojamaa, Kostja Tsõbulevski, Mikk Simson)

13. Ivo Linna, Robert Linna, Supernova – “Ma olen siin” (written by Rainer Michelson, Robert Linna)

14. Jüri Pootsmann – “Magus melanhoolia” (written by Jüri Pootsmann, Joonas Mattias Sarapuu, Jana Hallas, Aleksi Liski)

15. Helen – “Nii kõrgele” (written by Rob Montes, Jason Hunter, Renae Rain, Helen Randmets)

16. Hans Nayna – “One By One” (written by Vahur Valgmaa, Hans Nayna)

17. Rahel – “Sunday Night” (written by Rahel Ollisaar, Frederik Küüts, Jason Hunter)

18. REDEL – “Tartu” (written by Kristjan Oden, Indrek Vaheoja)

19. Uku Suviste – “The Lucky One” (written by Uku Suviste, Sharon Vaughn)

20. Sissi – “Time ” (written by Sissi Nylia Benita, Andrei Zevakin, Kelly Tulvik)

21.Wiiralt – “Tuuled” (written by Pat Lyons, Martin Saaremägi)

22. Koit Toome – ” We Could Have Been Beautiful” (written by Joonas Parkkonen, Koit Toome, Peppina Pällijeff)

23. Andrei Zevakin & Pluuto – “Wingman” (written by Andrei Zevakin, Henry Orlov)

24. Tuuli Rand – “Üks öö” (written by Gevin Niglas, Kristel Aaslaid, Tuuli Rand)

Due to the Coronavirus, the two semi finals and the final itself will all take place in Tallinn on the following dates:

  • Semi Final 1: 18th February 2021
  • Semi Final 2: 20th February 2021
  • Final: 6th March 2021

Pandemic permitting we’ll be there in Tallinn, however we’ll also be speaking to the artists before Eesti Laul itself. Stay tuned to ESCBubble for the best coverage as always.

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  1. […] Tävlingsbidragen presenterades officiellt den 11:e och 12:e november, men det finns fortfarande ingen semifinaluppdelning. Därför har vi valt att tills vidare lista alla låtar i bokstavsordning efter artistnamn. Dessvärre saknas en hel del bidrag på YouTube, men alla låtar finns att ta del av via denna länk. […]

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