These are the songs which made our team’s 2020 a bit more bearable!

It is no secret that 2020 was a year in which many of us struggled each in his way. Yet, during all these hard times music was there to help us pass the time and maybe even forget of the ongoing worldwide crisis of Covid-19. Six of our editors shared the top 5 Eurovision related songs which they listened to the most and made them go through this year a bit easier, not only ones released this year.


2020 started as a great year to me. I joined EscBubble and finished my university studies a bit later during the year. Covid-19 caught me by surprise like it did to everybody. Although at first uncertainty and fear were the main feelings I had, it soon turned into hope and thankfulness thanks to close friends which helped me go through these times with many online parties we planned and late night chats. Definitely a year to forget but not a year to regret. Now where is 2021? I hope it will be better to all of us!

1.Ana Nikolić – Romale Romali (Beovizija 2006)

As the first lockdown took place I had much more time to explore older national finals. Beovizija was the one I watched the most during these times especially after watching the 2020 edition. Many songs from this national final fit my taste but I only had to choose a few. Romale Romali is a very unique song thanks to its rhythm and lyrics and to be more exact its catchy chorus. The performance on the Beovizija stage was simply Ana serving the full package of beauty, amazing vocals and sexy moves. Definitely a song I will remember as song of the year to me!

2.Maja Nikolić – Kad Ti Treba (Beovizija 2006)

I know I lack of diversity up to this point but as I said Beovizija has A LOT of good songs. Kad Ti Treba is one of these songs you rather love or hate if you ask me. Maja’s vocals with her notes going from normal to high and then even higher at some point make the song stand out even before one read the lyrics. The somewhat dark and dramatic beginning of the song and then the tons of emotions Maja expresses while singing make this song deserve its place in my top 5. Maja is one of the singers who dont only know how to sing but she knows very well how to make the stage and the cameras love her and play on her side!

3.Hurricane – Hasta La Vista (Serbia 2020)

So we take two former eurovision performers, add a third girl and give them a catchy, empowering song and add to it a sexy choreography. Sounds like a winning recipe to me! Even before the revamp Hasta La Vista sounded like a winning song to me. The three girls work very well together both in studio version as well as live. We saw tens of girls bands on the Eurovision stage both from the Balkan and from all of Europe but something in Hurricane looks and sounds different. Sadly the song didnt make it to Eurovision due to Covid but happily we will see the trio back on stage this May!

4. Alenka Gotar – Cvet Z Juga (Slovenia 2007)

The eurovision stage saw it all. From ballads to pop and from radio hits to hardly memorable entries. But then we get to hear a good opera every once in a while. Cvet Z Juga is one of the best operas ever performed on the contest’s stage if you ask me. I admit Alenka is one of the very few artists who sounded much better on stage than in studio. Her bizarre outfit aside Alenka nailed the performance on stage in Helsinki and it’s a very memorable one for me.

5.Elodie – Andromeda (Sanremo 2020)

I have a memory of Elodie on the Sanremo stage from before 2020 although I hardly ever make it till the end of the show. Elodie is a great singer by herself but when paired with Mahmood to create Andromeda it was just beyond. The song is catchy, the lyrics are great, the melody gets stuck in your head and it was just a eurovision worthy song.


2020 was to me as well a tough year. As a travelling freak I also found it very hard to stay at home for such a long time, let alone in lockdown. Luckily I managed to go through this period with the help of friends and of course Eurovision. I wish you all a great 2021!

1. Little Big – Uno (Russia 2020)

I haven’t actually heard of Little Big before they were selected for Eurovision, thus I believe I was living under a rock until now… They are truly my discovery of the year, and god knows how many times have I had this song on repeat! It was my winner of Eurovision 2020, and it’s a song I will listen to for a long long time, as it always puts me in a good mood and puts a smile on my face.

2. We All Poop – All The Blood (ESCZ 2020)

The first time I heard this song and saw its video clip was also the day I met the guys of We All Poop. This was the guys’ first, and their last song, unfortunately. It carries a very strong message about people seeing different animals differently, and I see it in a way that the vast majority of us are hypocritical in that sense (myself included). The entire mood of the song, together with its orchestration and lyrics is just done so amazingly well, and it’s my most listened-to song this year according to Spotify. I really love it!

3. Loredana Berte – Cosa ti aspetti da me (Sanremo 2019)

I know most of the people will disagree with me, but this was my absolute favourite in Sanremo last year! That amazing cracking-smokey voice, the power this woman has on stage, and with what emotion she performed this – just WOW! Almost two Sanremos later, and this is still one of my most played songs.

4. Keep of Kalessin – The Dragontower (MGP 2010)

THE best ever metal song in a national selection never to have made it to Eurovision. The fact that this lost out to “My Heart Is Yours” is something I will never understand, but I’m glad I can listen to this song 10 years later, and it will still sound current.

5. Loreen – Euphoria (Sweden 2012)

Do I need a reason why? It was my favourite song in Eurovision 2012, and it’s clearly one of the best songs in the history of Eurovision.


2020 started out fantastically- I got to visit Malta, Denmark & Sweden and even got a new job! However like many that happiness was followed by being in lockdown for much of the year and a world turned upside down. I think we’ve all experienced the full emotions of 2020 but I go in to the new year with optimism that we’ll be back to normal by summer. Happy new year everybody!

1.Jonida Maliqi- Ktheju tokes (Albania 2019)

it’s actually my alarm clock so I listen to it every morning. The drums invigorate me and get me ready for each day of lockdown .

2.Diodato – Fai Rumore (Italy 2020)

For me, this is the song of 2020. I didn’t like it so much when it first got announced but as the pandemic worsened I felt it really connected with the song. His Eurovision performance of it in the amphitheatre was stunning and now it’s a great relief song for me.

3.Tommy Seebach & Debbie Cameron – krøller eller ej (Denmark 1981)

A big part of this year has been me exploring all the old songs of Eurovision as I’m a fake fan who didn’t know many songs from before 2000. This has to be one of the best – it’s such a delight and Debbie is such a happy peach performing. Really feel good!

4.Urban Symphony – Randajad (Estonia 2009)

My most favourite ever ESC song! I listen to this on at least a weekly basis. Sandra is perfect and this song – the strings, her ethereal voice. Just everything about it is beautiful. Estonia to go back to singing in Estonian challenge.

5.Mikael Saari – We Should Be Through (UMK 2013)

What a beautiful and emotional song! People don’t call me dirgey Dave for no reason… I love a good emotive ballad and this again is one of my most played tracks of 2020.


2020 has been an incredibly difficult year, one which I am thankful to see the back of. For Eurovision, it’s been heart breaking that these 41 artists who gave it their all will not have the chance to shine on the big Eurovision stage. For at least 21 of them, their time will come in 2021, however their new songs will forever be judged against the ‘what ifs’ of 2020. My heart goes out to those of you who have suffered during this year and I cannot wait until we can all be together again dancing and singing along to the thing that unites us – Eurovision.

1. Dadi Freyr – Think About Things (Iceland 2020)

Let’s face it, this was going to win Eurovision 2020 and Dadi has a helluva mountain to climb to match it in 2021. This song was everything to me from the moment it was first released for songvakeppnin.

2. Samanta Tina – Still Breathing (Latvia 2020)

The one National Final that I managed to get to this year, this woman is stunning live! What can you say about the song – don’t know what genre of music you fancy? Listen to this as it’s ALL genres wrapped up in 3 minutes

3.Anett x Fredi – Write About Me (Estonia 2020)

One of the best bits about this job is getting to interview the artists before their performances and in Fredi I found a fantastic musician, insanely talented and just thankful at the time for the exposure of appearing at Eesti Laul. Coupled with the incredible vocals of Anett assured them a respectable 3rd place in the final and I hope it opens a huge amount of doors for them both. The bit where the brass section appears at 1:55 gets me every time!

4. Aisté Pilvelyté – Unbreakable (Pabandom iš naujo! 2020)

I said above about getting the chance to chat with artists, and I had the honour of interviewing Aisté prior to her appearing in the Lithuanian national final this year with this Thomas G:Son schlager-banger

5. Alcazar – Blame It On The Disco (Melodifestivalen 2014)

2020 has been so horrific and when I needed to escape, there’s no better place to go than the discography of Alcazar! Their songs will forever get me up and dancing and sometimes, that’s all I need to reset my mind.


2020 was a year full of ups and downs. It’s been very unpredictable and many things that I planned had to be cancelled, but it’s been much worse for other people. I look forward to the National final and next years Eurovision however it goes ahead.

1.Erika Vikman- Cicciolina (UMK 2020)

A song that I was gutted didn’t make it to Eurovision. Could’ve given Finland a Top 5 placing in my opinion.

2. Mahmood- Soldi (Italy 2019)

A great song with a great message. Italy are due a win.

3. Serhat- Say Na Na Na (San Marino 2019)

Another guilty pleasure. I love how San Marino sends the same singers until they reach the final. Let’s hope Senhit makes it next year

4. Deen- In The Disco (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2004)

A real guilty pleasure that I listen to again and again. Love it!

5. James Newman- My Last Breath (United Kingdom 2020)

Love his voice and in my opinion the best song that the UK have sent in a long time. Can’t wait to see what the BBC sends in 2021!


What can we say about 2020? Well I’m gonna stick to the positives as the year started with so much promise. It was amazing that for once the Baltic nations managed to schedule their national finals sensibly without clashing, meaning I could visit Tallinn, Riga and Kaunas for three amazing shows. Although we didn’t get a full Eurovision we still had each other through various online platforms and a whole lot of time to relive old content which was great.

As someone who works in public services, I’ve managed to keep super-busy and I’ve met so many great people working to keep our communities safe – something that I know has been replicated across the world.

Anyway… happy new year and here’s to 2021!

1. MFÖ – Sufi ( Turkey 1988).

This previously underrated bop gained the recognition and legacy it always deserved after #EurovisionAgain proved to us all this song has aged perfectly. I cannot wait to dance with friends at Eurovision events in 2021.

2. Samanta Tina – Still Breathing ( Latvia 2020)

I loved this from the very first moment it was released, and rumoured to be Samanta’s entry to Supernova. From the official video clip, to the supernova audition clip to the final crazy live performance in the LTV studios, this never failed to deliver. Samanta’s vocals are insanely powerful and I cannot wait for her 2021 song to drop, we just know it’s going to be EPIC.

3. Ultra Bra – Tyttöjen Välisestä Ystävyydestä (Euroviisut 1998)

If 2020 gave us anything, it was the opportunity to watch back old shows in lockdown. Following the 98 EurovisionAgain, I removed songs from the Finnish NF ‘Euroviisut’ to see how on earth they ended up with such a bad song that year. Turns out there were two songs which criminally overlooked and both ended up on repeat for months to come. Nylon Beat’s ‘Um Ma Ma’ and this masterpiece from Ultra Bra. Amazing.

4. Athena Manoukian – Chains On You (Armenia 2020)

The revamp that eclipsed all revamps in the history of the art of revamping, resulted in this banger rising in my ranking and ending up on high-rotation on Spotify and YouTube. Come on Armenia #AnnounceAthena for 2021 already!

5. Ruta Loop – ‘We Came From The Sun’ ( Pabandom iš naujo! 2020)

The surprise national final of 2020 was undoubtedly Lithuania’s Pabandom Is Naujo. The quality of songs this year was incredible and made the show the best of 2020. Awesome songs from The Roop, KaYra, Moniqué, Monika Marija, Allen Chicco, Gabrielus Vagelis and others made this NF my playlist of the year – and my own favourite which was this charming piece of pop from Ruta Loop

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