Casanova: “I Hope Corsica Is Here And You Can All Hear It”.

A French national final would not be complete without a song from “Beauty Island”, Corsica. This year, young Casanova will wave the white and black flag, with his song “Tutti” (all). Despite his busy schedule, he took some time to answer our questions.

(translation by Gabriel)

Let’s get to know each other first. Who is Casanova?

First of all, I have nothing to do with the Venician seducer (laughs), my name is Yohan Casanova, it’s my real name. I am 27 years old. I am a singer, but I used to be a fireman, an ambulance driver and security guard for for7 years, and when I first attended “The Voice” in 2015, I understood I would make music during my whole life. Therefor, I left everything and where I live, Bastia and went to Nancy, to a musical school called “Music Academy International”. I then ausitionned again for “The Voice” and I reached the final. I’ve learned a lot and I focused on music, and today I’m the happiest man!

Are you ready to represent your island during the national final?

Well yes, I am very ready, I’m impatient to attend the prime show and to present the full version of my song “Tutti” along with its stage performance!

What is the sory behind your entry “Tutti”?

Well, a lot of things (laughs), simply “Tutti” was basically named “Tutti Inseme”, which means “altogether” in Corsican, and with my teams we wanted to create a song, an anthem, a song to make people dance, sing and party, and then it remained “Tutti” because in the end I became aware this song was for everyone, hence “Tutti” and in this song I really want to unite people. What I say in this song is that nowadays I have the impression that society became a bit too individualistic in my eyes, despite the social networks making us believe we’re close, whereas I am under the impression they keep us far from each other more than everything else, all the more in the current situation with COVID-19 and all that, it’s a message conveying that altogether, no matter what happens, we will always be stronger and that united we stand, divided we fall! Moreover I decided to sing in corsican, in my regional language, that is symbolic to me and represents a lot, and I hope that throughout Corsica and who I am, I will also be able to enlighten all the beautiful regions that build France!

How did your selection happen?

The casting director, Vladimir, who I am cheering by the way, contacted my manager and communicated us about the TV show “C’est Vous Qui Décidez” to be among the 12 last finalists to try to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest and we naturally chose “Tutti” to try to represent France, through what the song represents and the message I want to convey and also thanks to the values and the culture I want to stand for!

What are you up to up until the final. Can we expect a revamp of your song?

Well I’m considering it, in the next weeks, through a lot of rehearsals. I will do my best. We are currently working on the stage performance and I hope to do my best. I will give everything to make everything the best possible, and the song will certainly be revamped, we do have some ideas in mind, and I hope it’ll please you!

In case of victory, what would be your first thought?

If I am chosen to go to Rotterdam, my first thought will directly go towards the public, who’s been supporting me for years now. I think that’s the first thing I will be thinking of, people who voted for me and who sent me lots of love daily, so I’ll think about them first. I’ll certainly also give a thought to my family who supports me and above all to my team and my manager who believe in me a lot, and who’s always here to push us. I can do what I like now thanks to them and they give me a lot of strength to keep fighting and to go ahead in that way!

Apart from the chorus, to what extend is “Tutti” a Corsican song?

Apart from the chorus, I hope I’ve managed to put all of my soul and heart that are corsican, and I hope it can be felt throughout the vibe, the production, everything around arrangement, everything I wanted to put in it, I hope Corsica is here and that you can hear it!

Do you have a favourite Eurovision entry?

I don’t really have a favorite Eurovision song, despite the fact I’ve been watching the contest since I was a child. There are some events I had to miss cause I had some impediments, but if I had to keep a performance in mind, at least one I’ll be remembering of my whole life, it would be the one from Salvador Sobral, with “Amar Pelos Dois” at his historical victory in 2017. It’s a performance that pierced me and that I won’t forget anytme soon.

Do you have a special message for our readers?

Thank you very much for having listened to me, for watching my interview, and be sure that I will give everything to be up to the event and grab that ticket to go to represent France in Rotterdam, kisses to you all, see you certainly next year!

Thank you so much Casanova, or should I say “Ti ringraziu assai”!


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