Daniel Owen: “Watching Madcon perform “Glow” in the arena at Eurovision, I got goosebumps!”

Daniel Johansen Elmrhari known as Daniel Owen is a 21 years old artist. As a child his first interest was dance while singing came a bit later. As a 10 year old he took part in Norway’s got talent 2010. Since then, he has performed on various stages all around Norway. In 2015 he released his first song and now Daniel is fully committed to combine studies with a career in music and the R&B genre that is closest to his heart.

Hello Daniel, you rose to fame as an 11 year old kid who showed his dance moves at Norwegian got talent back in 2011 which led you to win the show, this year it will be 10 years of your victory at the show, how do you plan to celebrate it?

Hey! I feel like it’s a celebration for me having the opportunity to participate in this year’s MGP, but other than that I will maybe just look through some of the videos with my family and eat some taco haha.

You started your music career as a cover artist, on Youtube you published cover to “Because of You” by Ne-Yo then “Be Alright” by Justin Bieber, which later led you to sign your first record label contract and in 2015 you released first single “Girl Gone Bad” occasionally you still cover some songs what kind of songs do you enjoy covering the most and how was it to get a chance to release the first single after being a cover artist?

If you mean some of the covers you mention above, I enjoyed making “Because Of You”. It was the process of making that cover that made me fully begin with music/singing. It was also the first time I got the opportunity to record in a professional music studio, it was a present from my parents. Releasing my first own song was an incredible moment for me. It was like a dream come true. It introduced me to a new and more exciting side of the music industry…and now I’m here!

At the moment you are a student, how is it to combine studies with work as a musician?

It’s though. I want to focus on the music 100% but at the same time it’s such a difficult industry to break through so it’s always a plus having a plan-B or something to lean back on. But this is really what I want so I just work myself through it.

What made you decide to take part at Melodi Grand Prix?

I was a little unsure in the beginning if this was something I wanted because at the time I didn’t feel ready. But after some conversations with colleagues, friends and family I took the chance, and I don’t regret at all!

Can you tell us what was the idea behind “Psycho” given the fact that you are one of the coauthors of it and what does the song mean for you?

 The idea behind the song “Psycho” is that being in love can often put you in a bubble that makes you overthink almost every scenario and make you overprotective in many situations. It basically talks about a different side of love, because it’s not a sad love song. It’s more like a love song where you adore the person you’re talking about too much, so you feel crazy in a type of way with how you think and act.

Every song I release means a lot to me because it’s my own song, but I have to say that this one really sticks out. The reason for that is probably because I will compete with it in Norway’s biggest music competition and because it’s personally one of my favorite songs I’ve ever released.

Being known as a dancer can we expect some amazing choreography at your performance this Saturday? Can you tell us more about it?

 There will be A LOT of dancing during my performance this Saturday! The choreography is made by some talented friends of mine Jan Erik Santos and Hedda Svorstøl. It’s an explosive and entertaining dance we’re going to perform, and I can’t wait to show it!

This year’s Melodi Grand Prix will be held without the audience how will that affect your performance?

 It’s of course really sad that there will be no audience during the performance, because the energy I get from a crowd during a show really lifts up the whole thing even more. BUT I’m trying to look positive at the situation and I’m just happy that there will be held Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision this year even though COVID-19 is still going on.

Last year Melodi Grand Prix marked 60 years from its first edition what is your favourite song which competed at the stage of MGP and tell us why did you choose it?

My favorite has to be Alexander Rybak’s song “Fairytale”. When I think of MGP, I think of that performance. I just feel like it’s an unforgettable song and performance that has made history for Norway.

Do you watch Eurovision regularly, if so would you like to share a memory which you have of it or a favourite song from the contest?

Yes, I do watch Eurovision regularly. I remember being in the arena when Eurovision was held here in Norway. The guest performance by Madcon with the song “Glow” was magical. I remember I got goosebumps experiencing that moment in front of my eyes.

 Which artists are your role models and inspire you the most in your work?

Artists that combine both singing and dancing has always been a big inspiration for me. I’ve really looked up to artists like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo my whole life.

What are your plans after Melodi Grand Prix, can your fans expect an album release soon?

 I will release an EP project (containing 6 songs) during summer and I’m so hyped for it! There’s a lot of exciting things I’m working on at the moment so I just really hope people will hang on and join my journey after MGP.

Thank you so much for your time Daniel. We wish you the best of luck at Melodi Grand Prix. Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for followers of escbubble?

Thank you so much for having me! I appreciate itJ To all the followers of escbubble, I hope you enjoy my show this Saturday and I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve gotten from many of you during these last couple of days. You’re all amazing! Much love<3

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