Juliette Moraine: “You Must Love Yourself: Self-Acceptance Prevails. That Is My Message”

Juliette Moraine is a young Burgundian artist, but definitely not a newcomer, having already performed on French as well as international stages. She is taking part to “Eurovision France: C’est Vous Qui Décidez!” with her very French chanson “Pourvu Qu’On M’Aime” (I hope I’m loved). We were given the opportunity to have a little chat with her.


Salut Juliette! Thanks for this interview. Could you introduce yourself to our readers please?

Hello Olivier! Well, I’m Juliette. I grew up in Joigny (a little town in Burgundy). I’ve studied music from an early age, starting with cello and then lyric singing. I was even a member of a rock band once! After I passed my baccalauréat [the French exam of completion of secondary education, Ed.] I went to the USA to take the High School Diploma there. When I came back to France, I enrolled in a musical comedy school, and I later joined the cast of “The Full Monty” musical. I also took part to the third season of “The Voice” [the very same season Amir took part to, Ed.] and I reached the third prime show. Afterwards, I was chosen to play in the world tour of the popular French musical “Roméo Et Juliette”.  I’ve been playing the role of the nanny for 5 years now, and that makes me so proud. So far, the show has taken me to Russia, China, Hong Kong and even Taiwan!

How did you come up with the idea of taking part to the French selection show for Eurovision?

I saw a call for entries on Facebook! It is as simple as that. I sent my song and two months later, I got a positive answer. That was quick, and even though I had auditioned, I wasn’t expecting a specific feedback. I’m the kind of artist who auditions but won’t focus on a single target. I got the answer by the end of November, and I was told the announcement was planned for mid-December, so I had to hurry. I decided to try my luck since Eurovision remains a great contest, as well as a good way for me to see if my songs could appeal to the public. I feel connected to the human values the contest represents. My song is about self-acceptance, and I have the feeling the audience could feel concerned by the topic.

As you said, you’ve already performed abroad. Do you consider this as an advantage?

Even if I don’t want to seem too confident, I do think this is an advantage indeed. It is good to have this experience with non-French audiences. As a result, I do not have the apprehension of performing in my mother tongue to an audience that does not understand a single word. Therefore, I can say now that no matter the language, as long as you give a sincere performance, the magic of music does the job and creates a bond between the artist and the public!

What is the story of “Pourvu Qu’On M’Aime”?

It all started back in May 2020. After lock-down, I started questioning myself. “What is hurting you?”, “What is it that is making you unhappy?”.  I realized that the answer was this permanent need of validation from others, this feeling of not being up to people’s expectations. The burden of always wanting to be the nicest, the kindest, the friendliest, the most smiling person. I realized that this is as exhausting as pointless and that I should stop. People cannot connect with fake smiles. I thought they could, and I was doing all this just to be loved, but that was useless. And here I found the topic for my song! All I’m saying in the lyrics are genuine facts that did happen to me. It doesn’t matter if you have that need of love from others, and those useless habits of trying to please everybody all the time. The important thing is to be appreciated by your loved ones, the others can wait…And most importantly, you must love yourself: self-acceptance prevails. That is my message.

What is your vison of Eurovision? Do you see yourself as a fan or a novice?

I’m not an absolute expert. I cannot tell you who won on a specific year or so, but I’ve always watched the show. In my opinion, Eurovision means great performances, an artistic freedom on a huge stage no matter what, an incredible mix of cultures and I‘m fond of that idea. In “Roméo Et Juliette”, for example, my dancers are from Czechia, Slovakia, Italy… while all singers and comedians are French, and I love that. This melting pot is what makes our world great, and for me that’s what the Eurovision Song Contest is all about.

Do you have any favourite Eurovision entry (or entries)?

I would say “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence, “Rise Like A Phoenix” by Conchita Wurst, “Toy” by Netta and, of course, my guilty pleasure, “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi” (singing the chorus) by Céline Dion (imitating the French Canadian accent).

Do you have a special message to our readers?

I hope you’ll like my song, and that it will make you feel good. Feeling good is extremely important those days! Thank you so mch for all the love and the little comments I’ve received already. Take good care of yourself and “Merci à vous!”.

Thank you so much Juliette, and “on croise les doigts!” (fingers crossed).

Have a listen and a look at Juliette’s brand new music video for “Pourvu Qu’On M’Aime“:

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