Loreen scored 3312 points more than Eleni in ESC TOP 250! These are the full results!

ESCRadio has organized their traditional voting for the best Eurovision song for the 12th time, and played the best 250 on the 31st of December. The results started at 11:00AM CET, and just before midnight the number 1 song was played – Loreen’s “Euphoria”. ESCRadio’s partner Songfestival.be has revealed the full results, which showed that Loreen was a landslide winner, and that she was 3312 points ahead of the second placed Eleni Foureira with her song “Fuego”.

Only songs from the past ten years have made the top 10, with one song form the 2020 edition – “Fai Rumore” by Diodato, which would have been the Italian entry. 2002 is the only year from the 2000s not to feature any songs in the TOP 250.

Loreen won with an absolute landslide, as she received a total of 331 sets of 12 points. Duncan Laurence received 12 points 159 times, whilst Eleni Foureira 140 times. Additionally, Loreen scored more sets of each of the point markers more times than any other act.

Comparing to the results of ESC TOP 250 from the year before, the Turkish entry from 1988 – “Sufi” by MFÖ has made the biggest “jump” – from 1131st to 184th place, whilst the Hungarian entry from 2005 – “Forogj, világ!” by NOX had the biggest “fall” – from 98th place in 2019 to 227th in 2020.

Also, there was a tie for the 250th place between Lena Valaitis and her “Johnny Blue”, and Georgia’s Young Georgian Lolitaz with “Midnight Gold”, but Lena won the tie-break due to received 5 sets of 12 points, whilst the Georgian band only received 2.

The full results can be checked right here (click).

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