Stefania to sing “Last Dance” at Eurovision 2021!

The members of the committee responsible for choosing the Greek entry for Eurovision 2021 have first narrowed down their choice from five entries to three as we informed you than in the last couple of days the choice came to two songs after they finally announced today that the song which Stefania will perform at Eurovision 2021 will be “Last Dance”

The composer and member of the Board of Directors of ERT SA, Dimitri Papadimitriou, was the chairman of the committee for the second consecutive year, and he was being assisted by music producer Adam Petros, journalist Markaki George and music producer Gianni Petridi. The other committee members included commentator Kozaterou Di and the director of Kosmos, Antonopoulos Leonidas, while the committee meetings were assisted by Dora Chiraki, director of communication at ERT, and Sofia Dranidou, head of the International Relations department at ERT. 

The Dream Team: Dimitris Kontopoulos, ARCADE and Vaughn Sharon are again the ones behind the Greek entry and Eurovisionfun reports that on Sunday 10th of January Stefania is going to be in Greece to record the final version of “Last Dance”. The song is orchestrated and it is in it’s final stages of production. While the official video is expected to be presented in February and yet again Kostas Karydas will be in charge for it.

“Last Dance” is expected to be presented in March but the precise date isn’t decided yet. Last year Stefania should’ve performed “Superg!rl” before the Eurovision 2020 got cancelled the music video is available below.

According to Eurovisionfun who had a chance to listen to the song one of the messages behind it is connected to the pandemic we all experienced during 2020 and with young people missing out on the important moments, from the most beautiful period of their lives, highlighting the bright future and since the things which happened won’t be their last dance.

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