Anton Ewald: “I’m just super thrilled about giving the audience a great show”

Anton Ewald is back! After a 7 year break from Melodifestivalen, the young singer & dancer has returned with his new song “New Religion”. We’ve seen his snippet and he’s definitely bringing the performance that he did on his first two appearances at the competition – but will “New Religion” see him reach his third final!?

We caught with Anton to ask him a few questions about his music and upcoming performances at the Swedish national selection and music extravaganza! Make sure to give it a read to find out which past Mello song Anton wishes he could’ve been the one to perform — you may be surprised by his choice!


D: Welcome back to Mello, Anton! You have so many fans that are super excited to see you back in the competition. What made you return after so many years away and how are you feeling ahead of Mello 2021?

A: Thank you so much, I’m very happy and grateful to be back.  Actually I wrote the song and it just felt right for the competition. That made me excited about giving it my all. Now I’m just super thrilled about giving the audience a great show!

D: It’s been a little while since you last released music however you have so many great bangers in your back catalogue – from “Begging” to “Devil” – how has your musical style evolved since your last releases and what can we expect from “New Religion”?

A: The music is still uptempo, full of energy and very “dance friendly”. The productions has of course evolved into a newer more modern sound.


D: How are rehearsals going and can you tease anything about your upcoming performance?

A: Rehearsals are going really well, still some things to work on but it will look great on Saturday. You can expect lots of dancing, high energy and me giving it my all!


D: You have a fantastic writing team behind “New Religion” – what is the meaning behind the song “New Religion” and what message are you hoping to share through your music?

A: Well it has nothing to do with religion ha ha. It’s a song about the love and magic that is created when two broken hearts collide.


D: If you win Melodifestivalen this year, you will get to perform your music to over 200 million viewers at Eurovision. What would that opportunity mean to you? Are you a fan of the contest and do you have any favourite Eurovision songs?

A: It would mean so much to me and it would be an honour. My all time favourite ESC song is “Euphoria” by Loreen.


D: What song from a past Mello that isn’t your own would you have loved to have performed?

A: Why not “När vindarna viskar mitt namn” by Roger Pontare 🙂


D: Moving away from Melodifestivalen, do you have any other upcoming plans to release more music or projects that are underway? If so, can you tease anything about what we can expect for the future?

A: Absolutely, there is an EP on the way and I really hope you guys are going to like it.

D: Who are your biggest musical influences and who would be your dream collaboration?

A: It has always been Michael Jackson and that is also my dream collab.


D: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions above. Finally, do you have a message for our readers and your fans?

A: Hope you will enjoy the show! I’m going to give it my all for you guys!


You can check out Anton Ewald and his upcoming performance of “New Religion” on Melodifestivalen tomorrow night at 20.00 CET on SVT. International audiences can watch the broadcast live from the SVT Play website!

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