Bernarda Brunovi󠇀ć: “The best memories are the performances themselves. Just to be on stage and do my thing is the very highlight of the whole event.”

As Dora approaches, we contacted the participating artists a bit before they perform their songs on stage for a short Q&A for us to get to know them better. This time we have the opportunity to speak to the 2019’s Dora participant, Bernarda Brunovi󠇀ć.

F: The Eurovision stage has seen many young artists performing on it throughout the years with each of them having some kind of a background in music. What is yours?

B: Music has always been my lifelong companion. Many artists have been my musical source of inspiration to sing, write and compose. My first performances started at church and school in my childhood. With time I was privileged to perform at more and more events of various kinds, before smaller and larger audiences.

F: Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you.

B: I don’t believe there is anything that the people don’t already know about me. I do strive to keep people up-to-date on relevant things about me, particularly my musical projects – such as the “Dora” right now.

F: Who is your biggest source of inspiration in life?

B: It is my faith, my family, my everyday life… every day hides within itself some source of inspiration which I try to see day by day.

F: Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest before? If yes, do you have a favourite moment?

B: I have listened to many a performance that was put out on YouTube. I don’t have a specific favourite moment, but I am indeed very glad that there are lots of talented artists on such a big platform as the Eurovision Good music is always welcome, wherever and whenever it is created and performed.

F: You’ve competed in the Swiss national final in 2014, in “The Voice Of Germany” in 2018, and in Dora in 2019. How did these contests affect you as an artist?

B: The swiss finals took place in 2010. Contests like these are a great opportunity to present oneself in the public They have been very enriching experiences for me in getting to know myself and my talent, and in getting to know what I am already good at, and what still has the potential to be improved.

F: What is your best memory from the Swiss and the Croatian selection, and what made you enter Dora once again?

B: The best memories are the performances themselves. Just to be on stage and do my thing is the very highlight of the whole event. I returned to Dora, the reason being the song which I will perform. The song is very much on my heart, and whether I succeed to represent Croatia at the Eurovision or not, I believe it deserves to be put out into the world – all because “Colors” is a really great, great song, and I do hope that many people will love it.

F: You were one of the writers of the Maltese entry for 2020 “All Of My Love”. How did this collaboration happen?

B: Borislav Milanov Milanov and myself got to know each other through mutual acquaintances who showed him my material. It all happened in autumn 2019. He introduced me to his team and this is basically where the collaboration of creating material for myself and for others began. Among other things that we’re writing, “Colors” and “All of my love”  came to existence.

F: What shall we expect from your performance?

B: The performance will consist of a fantastic song, an incredible live interpretation of it,  much light and colours –  and most of all, energy, positive vibes, heart and soul.

F: What do you do in order to be the best version of yourself on stage?

B: I strive to work on myself wherever and whenever I can, always reminding myself that what I carry inside of me is a gift which is meant to be shared with the world.  Things that help me achieve this are hope, the confidence that one can always improve, ambition and the inspiration which I draw from life.

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