Bojan Jambrošić & Ashley Colburn: “Share the Love was written during Covid, we all need more love in the world!”

Dora 2021 will soon select 2021 entrant for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and this time we were extremely happy to speak to Bojan Jambrošić and Ashley Colburn, who’ll compete at Dora 2021 with their song ‘Share The Love‘.


Hey guys – first of all – congratulations on being selected to compete at the upcoming Dora, quite an exciting news, right?
Yes!  We cannot wait for the big day, it is just few days away!  We will rehearse every day for the next few days to fine tune every detail.  We have an amazing show and most importantly an amazing song and message!

Bojan, you competed at Dora already last year, on your own – this time you’re returning back for a third time to its stage in a duet with Ashley – what are your expectations?
I expect a lot from this song because for me this is one of the best songs in my career.  Not only because its vocally challenging but allso because it has a strong message and beautiful music.



Ashley – you’re a two-time Emmy award winning television producer and host, coming from the United States, now competing for an Eurovision ticket for Croatia – tell us all about your story and how come your life paths leaded you to Croatia?
I came to Croatia the first time to film a documentary about Croatia – this was then my first Emmy.  I fell in love with Croatia n my and kept coming back to promote every single region.  Eventually I found myself staying longer in Croatian than the USA, so I decided to move here.  I became a citizen and am so proud to call Croatia my home.  I have traveled to more than 60 countries and it is definitely the most beautiful to me!  I would be so proud to represent Croatia with Bojan at Eurovision!



When it comes to the TV career, Croatian Idol kind of started it all, right, Bojan? But what kind of advice would you give to 10 years old Bojan, when he was standing on the stage for a first time?
Yes, Idol was where everything started for me and from that moment a great music and hard work kept me in music industry now, already for 11 years. Advice for 10 year old me would be to believe in yourself and be persistent in realizing your dreams.

Ashley – that’s not your first collaboration with Bojan, you guys have recorded some music in the past and competed in Croatian edition of Singing with the Stars – how much did your know about Eurovision when you were only living in the States?
I wouldn’t say that people there really know what it is, but now many have watched the movie about it that is on Netflix.  I knew about it because I was usually traveling and filming in Europe during the time of the competition, so I would see that everyone wanted to watch it!  I also have many cousins in Germany and Switzerland who informed me about the competition.

Bojan, as we said before, it’s your third time at Dora – do you consider yourself as an Eurovision fan and can you tell us your TOP 3 favourite Eurovision songs?
Oh yes, I love Eurovision and I’ve been watching it, as long as I know. I would love to win Dora one day  and go to Eurovision. It’s hard to pick only three songs, but I will put my three favorite Eurovision winners:  Euphoria,  Fairytale and Molitva.



Ashley – tell us more about the song you’re about to perform at Dora 2021 – the song is called ‘Share the love’.
I wrote Share the Love during Covid, it was inspired by my travels and also seeing that we all need more love in the world.  2020 was a tough year and many people faced serious trials.  I want the song to inspire everyone who hears it.  The song is powerful and will leave a beautiful message. In our minds we have a winning song, because we put everything into it, you will see! 🙂  

Question for both of you, if you guys win the Croatian preselection, the first thing you’ll do after winning will be ..?
Ashley: Well I’m sure I will hug Bojan and scream.  Then I’m sure I will facetime my family in the states because they will all be watching, actually having a party!
Bojan: First I would have to pinch myself, so that I know I’m not dreaming and then after celebrating We would imidiatly start prepearing for Eurovision.

Last but not least, what is your message for your international fans here, at the ESCBubble?
Our song is in English so that people from around the world can understand and relate to Share the Love.  We hope they will all watch on Saturday and see what kind of production that we also have in store!  It is going to be an exciting day and we are so ready to Share the Love with all of you right before Valentine’s Day!

Croatia will select it’s entrant through Dora 2021, which will take place on February 13th. Bojan Jambrošić & Ashley Colburn will perform their entry Share The Love. Based on the 1 minute snippets, vote for your favorites in Dora 2021! You can vote for up to five songs!

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