Efraim Leo: If you find the right people to write with it’s the best thing ever!

Our editor Matt spoke to Efraim Leo, who will be competing in Semi Final 4 of this year’s Melodifestivalen this Saturday (27th February).

Hi Efraim. Congratulations on being chosen to take part in this years Melodifestivalen. How were you chosen for the contest?

Thankyou so much! I was invited as an artist and songwriter to this really great Melodifestivalen songwriting camp in Stockholm. I wrote a song there that became very special to me and not long after I got a spotted in the lineup, the rest is history!

How has lockdown been where you are?

It’s been pretty rough but not as restricted as other countries I’ve heard. Even if meeting people and doing regular stuff has been hard, writing music has really been something I’ve been able to spend more time doing, which is something positive to come out of all this. It’s safe to say that 2020 was a very difficult year for everyone and I really hope it will get better this year.

What’s your song ‘Best of me’ about?

It’s about how hard it is to leave and forget someone that you love, but know isn’t good for you.

You’re one of the songwriters on the song. What was the songwriting process like?

It was a really fun session. Me, Cornelia, Amanda and Herman were placed together in this camp.

It ended up with all of of us siting in a hotel room in bathrobes writing the whole song. Such a great experience, and something I will always take with me.

You’ve written songs for a number of other artists including Robin Bengtsson. How does writing for yourself compare to writing for other people?

Sometimes writing for other artists can be easier cause you can turn off your own thoughts and feelings and focus on the song instead of yourself.  If you find the right people to write with you for your own project, someone who really understands you, it’s the best thing ever.

What sort of style/staging can we expect to see in your song?

You’re gonna see a very modern and clean staging with a lot of energy. The song is a very catchy pop track that I think people will have a hard time not dancing and singing along to.

What advice would you give to anyone who’s trying to get into singing/songwriting?

Believe in yourself and keep writing. The more songs you write, the better you become and the more experience you’ll get.

Thanks Efraim. That’s great. Thanks for taking the time in talking to us today and good luck for Saturday!

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