Ella Orešković: “I’ll try to keep the performance simple, yet impactful!”

Ella Orešković is 22 years old girl born in Canada. She moved to Croatia 12 years ago and now she is studying psychology in Spain. In addition to that she pursues her career as a musician. Croatian public knows her as daughter of their 13th prime minister, Tihomir Orešković.

Hello Ella, you are a newcomer to the Croatian music scene and the media describe you as the Prime ministers daughter given the fact that your father was the 13th Prime minister of Croatia, Tihomir Orešković,  as a student of psychology when you decided to sail in the world of music what was the first reaction of your family and how were your singing beginnings?
Yes, my father was the 13th Prime minister of Croatia. My family has always been my number one support system. I began singing at a young age.  I slowly started to develop a passion for it and as soon as I moved to Croatia, which was 12 years ago I began singing in my school. I ended up doing many concerts and taking music at a higher level in highschool.

Which musicians do you like to listen and is there any role model among them?
My music varies. I have days where I want to listen to some R&B/rap and other days where I’m feeling more alternative/indie and of course pop music. My role models would have to be Adele, Daniel Caesar, Lorde and Amy Winehouse.

How did the cooperation between the  producer and composer of the song Siniša Reljić – Simba and you start and what are the plans for the future?
I met music producer & composer Siniša Reljić – Simba through mutual friends. When we both met we started to work on this song and slowly realized it would be a good fit for Eurovision. We will be releasing two more songs that will be out before the end of summer. We’ve had a few offers from different record labels which we will soon decide on.

Can you tell us more about your entry “Come This Way” and what does it mean for you given the fact that you wrote the lyrics to it?
When I heard the song and melody I just clicked with the song and the lyrics just came out naturally.

Can you reveal us more about your performance?
I can’t reveal too much yet but what I do know is that i’m trying to keep it simple yet impactful. It is also still in the works for production and stage performance.

The competition of this year’s Dora 2021 has got some artists which competed at Eurovision stage, are well known at Croatian music scene and some young musicians, which act do you see as the biggest competitor/eager to hear the most?
I think this year it will be Mia Negovetic and Filip Rudan.

Have you ever considered writing a song in Croatian?
For now I am focusing on my songs in English but perhaps in the future there might be a song in Croatian.

What is your first memory related to Eurovision? Do you watch the show regularly and which song is your favourite?
Yes , I love to watch Eurovision. I remember watching Eurovision in 2014 and I was captivated by the winner and the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” by Conchita Wurst. I’ve also been listening and loving “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence, who won in 2019.

What do you do when you are not creating music and singing?
I am currently enrolled in University, studying Psychology. So when I’m not creating I’m mostly reading or spending time with friends and family.

What are your plans after Dora 2021
The plans are to continue the new two songs and focus on University.

Thank you so much for your time Ella. We wish you the best of luck at Dora 2021.
Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for followers of escbubble?
To all the fans and Eurovision lovers I hope they will see a great Eurovision this year. I hope also the pandemic comes to an end so the fans come watch live and enjoy this huge music event. Best regards, Ella Orešković

Dora 2021 is scheduled for this Saturday 13th of February. Ella Orešković will be performing her entry “Come This Way” as the 3rd act of the night. You can listen to the minute snippet of it below

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