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This years edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will be hosted in television studio in Copenhagen on 6th of March by Tina Müller and Martin Brygmann and total of 8 acts will be competing for a chance to represent Denmark at Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The songs got released today  on three different radio programs: “P3 Buffeten”  (DR P3), “Formiddag pa 4’eren”  (DR P4) and “R4 Play”  (DR P4).  The artists and songs are as follows

Nanna Olivia – Hvileløse Hjerter (Restless Hearts)

Lyrics and music: Anna David, Nicolai Levring & Casper Sørensen

Nanna Olivia is 22 years old, has sung all her life,and writes her own lyrics. She studies entrepreneurship and design in Copenhagen.  One member of the team behind the song is a former participant at DMGP stage and Danish singer and songwriter Anna David who took part in the contest back in 2014 with “It Hurts”

“I am really looking forward to participating in the Danish Melody Grand Prix. It will be the wildest experience! “Restless hearts” is a power song. A song I can relate a lot to. It speaks to the feeling after a breakup with a boyfriend, where one tries to move on and be upstairs, but deep down, one knows well that it is not just straightforward and that he still has one’s heart. I see the song as a pep talk to myself and everyone else who has been in that situation. ”

Jean Michel – Beautiful
Lyrics and music: Clara Sofie Fabricius, Johannes Nymark, Jesper Hjersing Sidelmann og Andreas Jensen

Danish audience got to know Jean when he participated in X Factor 2012. Since then, he has focused on dancing, and combined the two in musicals and shows. One of the songwriters is Johannes Nymark, who won the DMGP in 2016 with “Soldiers of Love”. His team includes also a Danish singer Clara Sofie About the song Jean said: “I know the feeling of being “different” and a minority due to my sexuality and ethnicity. But even if you belong to a minority group, it is not necessarily negative – on the contrary. We have to pay tribute to diversity, which is why the song “Beautiful” is so current
even today. If I can help just one person with my song, then I am happy”

Fyr Og Flamme – Øve os på hinanden (Practice on each other) 
Lyrics and music: Laurits Emanuel

Fyr og Flamme (Furnace and flame) is a duo consisting of Laurits Emanuel and Jesper Groth, who present themselves as “teenage idols your parents can understand”. Laurits is known in Denmark as one of the vocalists in the group The Grenadines, while Jesper has worked as an actor. According to them, it is Laurits who is the furnace and Jesper is the flame.

About the song they said: “”Øve os på hinanden”is inspired by slightly older Grand Prix virtues and is based on the European seventies disco. The song is a scene preceding on a dance floor, where a woman and a man must try their hand at will. This session can be freely translated to how to behave when curing another, or how to correct in life down the road. Because can you practice it all at home in front of the mirror, or do you have to go out where it really matters to learn it? We have to practice on each other! “,

Chief1 & Thomas Buttenschon – Højt over skyerne (High Above the Clouds)
Lyrics and music: Chief 1, Thomas Buttenschøn, Nermin Harambasic

Chief 1, is Lars Pedersen, and is described as a multi-talent. Since the 1990s, he has regularly participated in the DMGP. He wrote the Danish Eurovision entries in 1997 “Stemmen i mitt liv”, “Should’ve known better” in 2012 and “The Way You Are” in 2015. He teamed up with artist and songwriter Thomas Butterschøn and they have several hits in Denmark and abroad, but as a duo they only debuted in 2019 with “Alt er godt” (Everything is good). The song was named last year’s summer hit on P4 in Denmark.

“We have a good and real energy when we are together, and we want to send it out to the Denmark family. Nothing is planned or calculated, we just like to send smiles and love out through the music we create together “, they say to DR.

The Cosmic Twins – Silver Bullets
Lyrics and music: Rasmus Søegren, Gisli Gislason, Lise Cabble, Emil August

As their stage name implies, Chris and Alec are twins. The two grew up playing Guitar Hero, and have had a great desire to be on stage. After almost 100 shows in Denmark, an EP, music video and a few singles later, they are ready for the show. “Silver Bullet” is written by Lise Cabble who is a well known author in DMGP stage and whose songs include several Danish Eurovision representatives first of which was back in 1995 “Fra mols til Skagen” then “New Tomorrow” in 2011 and the winning song of the contest in 2013 “Only Teardrops” her latest one was “Love Is Forever” in 2019. who has four winning songs in MGP. Among them is Eurovision winner “Only Teardrops”.

“The fact that we are to take part in the Danish Melody Grand Prix is like an inevitable prophecy that has come true for us. The annual MGP in high school was the highlight for us and we loved every second of it. Now we look forward to participating in the real melody grand prix with «Silver Bullet», which is about having a party, while having boyfriend worries. It should probably get the audience up and running with lots of energy “, the twins said to DR.

Claudia Campagnol – Abracadabra
Lyrics and music: Emil Lei, Melanie Wehbe, Louis Jarto

It is no wonder that Claudia Campagnol became a musician as a child, she opened her eyes to jazz fusion and instrumental music. Claudia was only twelve years old when she composed her first song. She has performed in a gospel choir at a Steve Wonder concert, came second in Young Jazz and was nominated twice for the Danish Music Awards 2019 for the album I’m Strong.

The song she will participate in DMGP is among other things written by Emil Lei, who also wrote last year’s winner of DMGP “Yes“, while Melanie Wehbe is one of the songwriters behind last year’s Melodifestivalen winner “Move“. While the two of them together were part of the team behind Danish entry in 2019 “Love Is Forever” same as previoulsy mentioned Lise Cabble who is also competing at this years DMGP but as part of the team behind previously mentioned “Silver Bullet” by The Cosmic Twins.

“Abracadabra” is a simple yet magnificent song that takes you to a dream universe where you can be yourself and not be afraid to feel anything. A universe where you are enchanted by the music and follow an above-earth waltz carried by a warm and golden voice, all the way to goosebumps and reminiscent of eternal love “, Claudia says to DR.

Mike Tramp – “Everything is Alright”
Lyrics and music: Mike Tramp

For over 40 years, Mike Tramp has been involved in music, gaining fans around the world. He has tried everything from children’s choirs to being a rock star. Internationally, he has distinguished himself as a Danish rock legend, and he has toured with groups such as Freak of Nature and White Lion. He is no stranger to DMGP and Eurovision as he won the national selection in 1978 with the group Mabel and the song “Boom Boom”

«After all the years and a lifetime of experiences, it feels right to be on stage for the Danish Melody Grand Prix and to be able to bring rock sound into Denmark’s biggest music festival. “Everything Is Alright” is an honest number, written directly from the heart – without ulterior motives or cheeky somersault. I can be 100% true to myself and do not have to put on any mask or grimace – I am who I am ”

Emma Nicoline – Står Lige Her
Lyrics and music: Jeppe Pilgaard, Jacob Jørgensen, Emma Nicoline Winther Nielsen, Adam Kalwa og Patricia Namakula Mbabazi

Emma Nicoline grew up with 80’s music. In recent years, she has collaborated with producer Jeppe Pilgaard on Danish-language songs. The songs should be catchy, and often have references to the biggest pop icons from the 80s and 90s. “Står Lige Her” (Standing right here) is written for a close friend who needed help but was not ready to receive it. The song is for all of us who have tried to do everything for a close friend who is going through a difficult time. Maybe those with this 80s-inspired song can understand the helping hand – just in one other form. I’m standing right here”, she told to DR.

You can listen to all the songs HERE! Don’t forget to vote for your favourites at our poll below:

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The contest will again feature a band of 15 live musicians, as it happened in previous editions. The conductor of orchestra will be Peter Düring. As we announced DR plans to introduce a virtual audience wall. Last years winners of DMGP were and on 6th of March we will find out who will be the next one to win the show.

Let us know which song is your favourite to win the contest, write us in the comments below and at our social media links!

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