Patrik Jean:”But this time I felt it was time to experience the ride as an artist”

Patrik Jean is a newcomer for Melodifestivalen, but he’s familiar with the contest and with a great result in the back. He was one of the composers from the winning song last year “Move”. Now he’s competing in the contest with the song “Tears Run Dry” and we had a chance to talk with him before the live show.

Hello Patrik Jean and thank you for taking you time for ESCBubble!
First of all, how was your reaction when you heard you will be at Melodifestivalen 2021?

It felt surreal. I got the great news from the production on a video call. I think they must have gotten nauseous watching the screen while I was jumping up and down. I screamed and cried a lot.

You are familiar with Melodifestivalen, last year your song “Move” won the contest and now you’re back but this time the spotlight is more on you. What made you compete in the contest?

The experience last year was such a rush. I had so much fun being a part of the production that I just had to do it again. But this time I felt it was time to experience the ride as an artist. I’ve learned a lot watching the show from the sidelines, and it has all prepared me for this moment.

Your song is called “Tears Run Dry”? What it is about, what can we expect from it?

Tears Run Dry is about holding on to the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of a relationship even though it’s the right thing, and you just wanna hold on a little bit longer. The song still has a hopeful vibe to it, even if it’s sad. You can expect something you can both cry and dance to.

How will be the staging at Melodifestivalen 2021? What can we expect from your performance?

It’s all still very secret. But I will try to create my own little universe on stage, that represents inclusion and that challenges norms. You might even see me do some dancing.

Do you follow Eurovision and have you a favorite song from the contest?

Of course. I’ve watched it every year since I was a kid. It’s a big deal here in Sweden. There’s a lot of classics that I love, but one of my personal favorites from the recent competitions is Soldi by Mahmood.

And any other plans for 2021? What can we expect from Patrik Jean after Melodifestivalen?

Well, after a hard workout period I’m gonna start by eating a lot of pasta haha. After that I’m planning on releasing even more music, and hopefully later this year it’s possible to play some shows.

I the end, I want to thank you for you time and please, if you have
a message for your fans and our readers here on ESCBubble?

Thank you so much for having me. If anything I would want to spread some love. Remember to be kind to yourself as well as others, especially in hard times. It’s okay not to okay all the time, but eventually your tears will run dry! 😉

Patrik Jean will perform in the 2nd semifinal on Saturday 13 February among other 6 act, until then you can check his other songs and we hope you enjoy them!


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