Christer Björkman on the UK: “I’d put them back on track”

Christer Björkman has given his views on the UK at Eurovision, saying that he’d love to get the country back on track if he was approached.

In an interview for Melodifestivalen’s YouTube channel, Christer told the channel what it was like to be in charge of Melodifestivalen since 2002, aswell as giving his views on the UK at Eurovision.

When asked if the BBC approached him to help the UK with their Eurovision selection would he do it, Christer replied:

They should’ve done that ten years ago. I’m still amazed they haven’t called me… Yes, definitely. That would’ve been something that could’ve made me go (leave Melodifestivalen) already ten years ago because that is the ultimate challenge. That is to actually bring the BBC back on track..

Christer continues:

I grew up when this contest had two countries that won all the time. It was either France/Luxembourg, but that was the same artist. It was all in French, and they used artists from France anyway, and it was the UK, and every year I longed for the new hits coming from the UK and from France and Luxembourg, and then I don’t know what happened.

It’s like they must’ve had so much know how about this contest, and somewhere along the line that got lost and I believe because the UK fans are really devoted and if they found the Christer of the UK and gave him authority to actually commit to an idea they could easily turn this around.

American Song Contest

Aswell as talking about the UK, Christer spoke about how things were going for the upcoming American Song Contest, Christer said:

We will see. It might happen. We are at the moment negotiating about it and it’s very close. Nothing is signed yet. It takes alot of lawyers and alot of hours for them to work out every detail in the contract and that’s what’s happening right now. If everything works out we will be moving there as soon as they let us in and we will hopefully on air with the first American Song Contest ever in 2022.

You can see the full interview with Christer below:

What do you think of Christer’s views? Could he turn the tide for the UK? Are you excited for plans for the American Song Contest? Let us know in the comments section below!

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