The Cosmic Twins: “It all started when we got Guitar Hero when we were 11”

Tomorrow marks the night that Denmark will make their selection for who will represent them at Eurovision 2021. Eight competing artists and bands will be performing their songs to win the ticket to Rotterdam.

Chris and Alec, also known as The Cosmic Twins, are currently one of the favourites to win if you look at the bookmakers with their 80s synth inspired track “Silver Bullet”. Bubble editor David caught up with the guys ahead of their performance on Saturday night.

Check out the full interview below to find out more about their song and also the question we all wanted to know — does twin telepathy exist!?

Welcome to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix!! Tell us about the journey so far – when did you first start making music and how did Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021 come about?

Chris: Thanks a lot! Well, it all started when Alec and I got Guitar Hero for our PlayStation back when we were 11 or so. We got so hooked on standing on the big stages rocking out that we wanted to start our own band. Ever since, music has been a huge part of our lives, playing in all kinds of different bands but always together. We never played music without the other.

Alec: We’ve always been told we would fit nicely into the Eurovision box but never really did something about it. Last summer when we were sending demos out to different labels, Anders from The Arrangement mailed back and wanted a meeting. The first thing he said to us when Chris and I met him was “are you ready to win Melodi Grand Prix next year?”. The rest is history.


You’ll be performing “Silver Bullet” which is super on-trend with that awesome synth throughout and we’re obsessed with the sax solo. Tell us more about the song, what is the meaning to you guys and what is the message that you want the listeners to vibe with?

Alec: it actually started out as a melancholic ballad. It was a toy piano playing what the saxophone is playing now and it didn’t really have that energy that we wanted. Fast forward 5 demos and that’s when everything fell into place. More electronic, more energy and more party. The sax was Anders’ (from The Arrangement) idea. At first we were skeptical but it grew on us and we think it fits perfectly into the vibe of Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision.

Chris: Silver Bullet is in between having a party and crying your heart out. We call it dance-crying and we find it as a perfect fit for Melodi Grand Prix because it’s full of energy but not happy-happy, you know. We think the dramatic instrumental supports the lyrics very well.

We also noticed that Lise Cabble is one of the songwriters — what does it feel like to be performing a song co-written by somebody who has actually won previous Eurovision winning entries?

Alec: It’s an honour, honestly. Many people ask if we feel pressured to perform a song that she has co-written but we take it as a confidence boost  – we know that this song has something to it because Lise Cabble is on the team.

Are you able to share anything about your upcoming performance? What can fans expect from you guys on the big Melodi Grand Prix stage?

Chris: we can’t say much but… it’s gonna be a total mindfuck. No other artist that night would be able to do exactly what we’re going to do. Oh, and also sax!!


Do you both have different tastes in music? And if so how does that impact the musical direction of you guys as a duo? Who are your biggest musical influences?

Alec: Well, I think I lean more towards rock music and the edgyness from that genre more than Chris do,

Chris: I looove Ariana Grande, The Chainsmokers, the new tracks from Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa just to name a few. I’m a huge fan of pop music. We do both like the same kind of music though, just with minor differences – it’s cool cuz that complements our songwriting really well.

Alec: But what we both feel deep inside our bones are OneRepublic, Foo Fighters and Coldplay. Truly legends.

Being twins gives you both a super unique bond – is twin telepathy a real thing?

Chris: haha no, I really wish it were sometimes cuz it’s annoying when Alec doesn’t pick up the phone.

Alec: it’s true that we’re almost the same. But the 20% difference between us is really takes our songwriting together to a whole other level because we have the same mindset of where the song needs to go but with minor disagreements.


You’ve been performing music together now for so long – have you got any crazy stories from touring or performances?

Alec: Okay, so Chris and I wear contacts, and sometimes glasses, and we can barely see without them –

Chris: – we’re like moles when it comes to vision –

Alec: – yeah, and one time just seconds before showtime Chris realised that he had forgot to take off his glasses. We don’t perform with glasses on, because that’s not our thing, and there wasn’t any time for Chris to put in his contacts, so Chris had to quickly put his glasses aside and perform literally without any vision.

Chris: It was such a weird experience. You know, it’s not all black when you have bad vision because that’s not how it works, but everything was super blurry. I couldn’t see the reaction from the crowd when we played but I could sense where I was walking and where the keys on my piano were – just barely. I just went completely on autopilot. It went surprisingly well, but after the show I remember Alec mentioned I didn’t jump around as much as usual.

And lastly, what is next for you both? Have you got any more new music planned for after the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix/Eurovision experience that we should be excited for?

Chris: Yes! We can surely promise new music. When exactly we don’t know, it depends if we get to represent Denmark at Eurovision or not.

Alec: we’re really proud of the new songs we’ve got ready for after this whole Melodi Grand Prix, Eurovision experience. We hope you’ll stay tuned for them!


Thank you so much for answering our questions. Before you go, do you have any message for your fans that may be reading this?

Alec: Thank you SO much for your support. It’s been so heart-warming and life-affirming to read all of your messages on social media wishing us good luck and saying that you like Silver Bullet. We couldn’t be happier than we are right now, thanks guys!

Chris: We will use all of your positive energy on the stage on the 6th of March and we can’t wait to show you guys our performance!

Thanks from the whole team here at ESCBubble – all the best for your upcoming performance and we look forward to seeing “Silver Bullet” live!


You can catch The Cosmic Twins along with the 7 other acts at 20.00 CET tomorrow night on DR1! We’ll be live tweeting and live blogging the national selection show so make sure to stay tuned to ESCBubble for all the latest updates.

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