Tornike Kipiani: “You” is about loving to be a human and loving Earth

The first rehearsals for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest start in less than two weeks. Georgia’s national broadcaster has internally selected the winner of the Georgian Idol from last year – Tornike Kipiani, to represent his country this year once again. Ahead of his trip to Rotterdam, we had a great pleasure to chat with him, and find out more about his preparations, and the coming up Contest.

Check out everything Tornike told us about his song “You”,  and about representing Georgia in Eurovision 2021 in this interview right here below:

Hi Tornike! First of all, thank you for taking your time out to talk to us. You founded the band The Circular Corner at the age of 19. How did this band influence your musical growth, and would you ever perform in a band again?

Thank you for attention. Well “The Circular Corner” was a Grunge Rock band and I was writing songs for it in the past. Unfortunately, we don’t have any records from that time.

When you were a kid your parents encouraged you to play piano and violin but you pick was guitar, how many instruments do you play and which one is your favourite?

Yeah, in my childhood I wanted to become a sportsman such as boxer or football or tennis player, but then I’ve decided to learn how to play the guitar. I can also play on drums and bass but not as a professional, just for fun. Now I’m learning recording, mixing and mastering for electronic music. You can listen to all my works on my Yotube Channel.

Can you tell us what was the idea behind “You” and what does the song mean for you?

Well this song, “You” is about loving to be a human and loving Earth, even though sometimes it’s very hard to live. And we all want is to touch, see, hear, feel and be with our loved ones.

You are the fourth winner of Georgian Idol which got a chance to represent Georgia at Eurovision Song Contest. Nodiko won in 2013, Nina in 2015 and Oto in 2019 – which of their Eurovision songs is your favourite one?

Haha, it is so hard to win singing competitions here in Georgia, because everyone can sing here. Of those Eurovision entries my favorite one is Nina’s “Warrior”.

Back in 2017 you competed in the Georgian national final with “You Are My Sunshine”. How was that experience, and how do you look back at that Contest?

“You are my sunshine” is a kinda experimental techo song and it also has a combination of several vocal technics. I think it needs remastering.

What do you normally do in your free time?

I’m just resting in my free time.

What does it mean to you to represent Georgia at Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

It’s a big pleasure to represent my country at the greatest and most amazing shows such as the Eurovision Song Contest.

What are your plans after Eurovision? Can we expect new music coming from you?

After Eurovision Song Contest I want to work on my album. I want to create more electronic rock songs, so I’m going to be working on that.

Thank you very much for your time, and we wish you the best of luck in Rotterdam!

Thank you very much, best wishes.

Give a listen to Tornike’s “You” right here:

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