Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape will feature 37 acts of Eurovision 2021!

EBU has asked each of the 39 delegations participating at Eurovision 2021 to record a live performance of the act from their own country, for the Live On Tape Performance which was planned to be used in case something prevents Eurovision 2021 from taking place live from Rotterdam. After it has been revealed that the acts are going to perform at the stage of Ahoy Arena it has been revealed that the Live on tape recordings will become a part of a special show hosted by Krista Siegfrids called Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape. The first episode of the show which will feature the 12 acts which didn’t qualify to the final will be airing on the official YouTube channel of Eurovision Song Contest with the start at 21.00 CEST the acts which are going to be featured are as follows:

  1.  Slovenia – Ana Soklič – Amen
  2.  Australia – Montaigne – Technicolour
  3.  North Macedonia – Vasil – Here I Stand
  4.  Croatia – Albina – Tick-Tock
  5. Romania – ROXEN – Amnesia
  6.  Estonia – Uku Suviste – The Lucky One
  7.  Czech Republic – Benny Cristo – omaga
  8.  Austria – Vincent Bueno – Amen
  9.  Poland – RAFAŁ – The Ride
  10.  Georgia – Tornike Kipiani – You
  11.  Latvia – Samanta Tīna – The Moon is Rising
  12.  Denmark – Fyr og Flamme – Øve Os På Hinanden

The second and final episode of Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape will take place tomorrow on 29th of May with the start at 21.00 CEST also at the official YouTube channel of Eurovision Song Contest and it will feature the 25 acts which were taking part in the final of Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the list is as follows:

  1.  Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo
  2.  Albania – Anxhela Peristeri – Karma
  3.  Israel – Eden Alene – Set Me Free
  4.  Belgium – Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place
  5.  Russia – Manizha – Russian Woman
  6.  Malta – Destiny – Je Me Casse
  7.  Portugal – The Black Mamba – Love Is On My Side
  8.  Serbia – Hurricane – Loco Loco
  9.  Greece – Stefania – Last Dance
  10.  Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers
  11.  Iceland – Daði  Freyr og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years
  12.  Spain – Blas Cantó – Voy A Querdarme
  13.  Moldova – Natalia Gordienko – SUGAR
  14.  Germany – Jendrik – I Don’t Feel Hate
  15. Finland – Blind Channel – Dark Side
  16.  Bulgaria – Victoria – Growing Up is Getting Old
  17.  Lithuania – The Roop – Discoteque
  18.  Ukraine – Go_A – Shum
  19.  France – Barbara Pravi – Voilà
  20. Azerbaijan – Efendi – Mata Hari
  21.  Norway – TIX – Fallen Angel
  22.  The Netherlands- Jeangu Macrooy – Birth of a New Age
  23.  Italy – Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni
  24.  Sweden – Tusse – Voices
  25.  San Marino – Senhit – Adrenalina

As you may noticed two of the acts are missing Ireland and the United Kingdom as it has been revealed neither of the two is going to be featured but both Lesley and James will take part in the show

Neither the MAPS or Embers Live-on-Tape performance will feature in the Eurovision Song Celebration shows, as both artists want the live performance they delivered in Rotterdam to be the version that people remember. Lesley and James will still feature in the shows. 
Statement at the official Eurovision website


Are you excited for the Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape? Will you be watching the show tonight and tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below and at our social media links

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