Montaigne: “I’m in my bedroom, which is fine… but it’s not Eurovision.”

Raw emotions spilled suddenly from Australia’s Montaigne during the first press meet and greet after first rehearsals. A global event, bringing together 38 other country’s representatives, was taking place in the same place, on a continent far away. On a stage she too had originally intended to be on, to perform her unique song, Technicolour

Sadly, with the pandemic keeping Australians isolated on the island, national broadcaster SBS made the sound decision to stay home… and while Montaigne herself said it was fine, the reality of not being in Rotterdam came flooding to the forefront in an emotional series of tweens following the press conference. 

ESC Bubble’s Cain spoke with his fellow Australian, both in Sydney, ironically over zoom… about the outpouring of emotions and what it means to stay put.  They also talk about the creative vision for Technicolour, and how Australian music, because of its multiculturalism is influenced by other cultures.

Montaigne’s live-on-tape for ‘Technicolour’ will be seen in the live broadcast of Semi-Final 1 on the 18th May (19th on SBS here in Australia).

You can also watch our public reacts video here:

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