Second Rehearsals – Malta, San Marino, Estonia, Czech Republic and Greece

Good morning from Day 6 of the Eurovision 2021 rehearsals.  We’ve now seen 15 of the 16 second rehearsals for the first. semi finalists – so today we shall see the 16th act Malta, 9 of the second semi finalists and then the first rehearsals of the Big 5 plus The Netherlands.

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We will be overviewing all five of the rehearsals in today’s morning session – where we saw Malta, San Marino, Estonia, Czech Republic and Greece rehearse.


EBU / Andres Putting

Malta starts Day 6 with the return of Destiny – in a new outfit! The pink is gone, from the top anyway and replaced with a glittery and shiny silver top which helps her to stand out from the backing dancers who are still fully in pink.  Destiny’s performance remains as fierce as ever and there are only a few minors tweaks here, with some pyros coming into play in the second run-through.  The last note needs to be a little tighter but we know she’ll smash it out of the ballpark on the night.  Will it qualify?  For sure.

San Marino:

Image Credit EBU / Thomas Hanses

Well Senhit sure is going to be starting off Semi Final 2 with a moment – she’s out on stage in her much talked about opening costume – gone is the religious imagery and we have pictures of Flo Rida instead and a load of question marks – she definitely is asking the question – is he here?.   Senhit then calls out  “Are you  ready to feel the flow….Rida” but alas it’s still his very able stand in here on stage with us again.  The freaky queen is living every moment during her performance and and giving her all vocally, it sounded really good. Also intriguingly. we have scenes of Flo Rida from the video in the background.   And finally some pyros on the third run-through finishes off a strong session for Senhit!  Should do well on the night.


EBU / Andres Putting

A very impressive rehearsal from Uku Suviste and the Estonian team.   Today the vocals are a lot sharper, with the balance with the backing singing just right and Uku himself sounds a lot more confident on the stage.  The flow between Uku and Kaarel (who is on backing) is connecting much better and whatever changes they’ve made have been very positive.   Staging wise it’s still pretty similar,  with the same outfit as Uku again performs alone on stage.  It does feel like the video of Uku being pushed into the water doesn’t look as good on the bigger stage unlike at the Saku Suurhall, not sure how that could be fixed though.    This is definitely in contention to qualify.

Czech Republic:

EBU / Thomas Hanses

Fourth on was the very enigmatic Benny Cristo and he was rocking some some very cool glasses in a couple of his run-throughs.  Apart from that there was very little change, Benny and his team had it all pretty much nailed on when they went through the first rehearsal.  I think the shots on the third run looked a lot tighter and it the way the performance finishes with the camera under the stage makes it look very effective.  With the full of experience of ‘Lets Dance’ on straight after you would have to worry about it being forgotten but hats off to Team Czech Republic for some excellent and fun rehearsals.


EBU / Andres Putting

Stefania has one of the most talked about stagings of the whole contest, and once again she is bringing her a-game.  What is noticeable on each run-through is how much work is going into second of the performance and slowly we realise how Stefania is managing to reach her spots and the interactions with the dancers on stage is fascinating.  There’s one part when she’s on the invisible staircase where one of the dancers arrives late but not sure whether that is intended or not.  As for the vocal, she improved on every run and we’re confident she’ll be right on the night.  The visual experience remains sensation and it should be an easy qualifier.

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