Shock or Mock? ESCBubble reviews the artists’ outfits on the Turquoise Carpet!

When speaking of a red carpet people usually get the association made with events such as the Oscars or the golden globes. For euro-fans, this will probably have a slightly different association as this will be associated with the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest. And just like any other event of this kind, there is one thing we all have our eyes set on. THE OUTFITS! And just like any other event of this kind, some are dressed to kill and some aimed for the target but ended up missing it big time. Let’s see who managed to nail his outfit and who should have tried something else before going out!


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If there is one thing that the Hurricane girls thought of when choosing the dresses it definitely was “SHOW”. And it kind of worked for them as well. The dresses as well as the leather jackets were all made by Serbian fashion house Penna Couture. Now let’s talk about this combination for a moment. I do get that the weather didn’t really allow wearing backless dresses without a jacket on top (Hi Sanja!). But then this combination just doesn’t seem to work. The jackets look good and so do the dresses. But the combination between them simply doesn’t. Unless the girl arrived on motorcycles to the opening ceremony I don’t see any justification for the leather jackets. These could have been easily replaced by another piece of outerwear.

Shock or Mock?

I do doubt this one. The dresses looked great on the girls. Didn’t make them look older or younger than what they are and it all worked well especially when every girl had a different type of dress while they were all made from the very same fabric. But then the leather jackets were simply a mistake to avoid! The dresses were a Shock, but the jackets were simply a Mock.



Another elegant style with a twist. Vincent chose a suit in a dark shade of red designed by Filipino designer Michael Cinco along with a black shirt and belt. This choice isn’t a coincidence as Vincent himself has Filipino roots. A very nice homage to his homeland if you ask me. The overall look is on spot and isn’t trying to act like something it isn’t. Works perfectly well!

Shock or Mock?

Shock. Suits can be very tricky sometimes especially for those whose body shape is problematic and has a very narrow range of suits to choose from. This isn’t the case as the suit seems to fit Vincent extremely well both in color and fit. Great choice indeed!



I had the chance to watch and blog the Turquoise Carpet and I simply wasn’t impressed by Tornike. His interview was a mess and it didn’t seem to go anywhere interesting. And same applies to his outfit. What seemed to look like a suit with two tops underneath it along with the scarf which had NOTHING to do with the look was a mess I simply didn’t enjoy seeing. The mask on the other hand was a refreshing addition to the suit as it was very colourful compared to the almost monochromatic outfit. At least someone took the needed health measures!

Shock or Mock?

This one is a Mock. The scarf was too colourful and way too loud for such a monochromatic outfit it seems like it begged to be left behind. The suit along with what seems like a grey sweater and a black T-shirt underneath it didn’t do any well to save the whole situation. I do wonder where were Tornique’s stylists all this time.



With the dream team in her back with a great song, Natalia seems to be in good hands. And with the super-designer Zuhair Murad in charge of her clothing  Natalia has one thing less to worry about as she is in probably the best hand she could be in when it comes to her outfit. A black suit with embroidery in silver which reveals a deep cleavage paired with a pair of black high heels just seem to be a win-win combination and it is! When Zuhair Murad was announced as Natalia’s designer we couldn’t expect anything but perfection and some great and almost jaw-dropping outfits and our expectations turned out to be reality!

Shock or Mock?

As I said already, with Zuhair Murad in charge of your outfit you can’t be shocked if you will end up looking simply stunning. This outfit plays by its own rules. It’s elegant on one hand but also outstanding on the other hand and doesn’t stick to some conservative guidelines one would expect from an elegant outfit to follow.



Men wearing suits seem to be one of the least shocking acts one can see on a red carpet or any formal events. In recent years it seems like we’ve almost seen it all. Black suits, colourful suits, long trousers, shorts, single buttoned, no buttons at all… You name it! In this case, the band didn’t really follow a specific palette and each member chose his suit of choice. But it seems like somebody forgot to supervise these choices as if to judge each suit by itself some of them are one big mess

Shock or Mock?

Mock for sure. I do understand someone wanted to run away from the classic and sometimes even boring look of a black suit with a black tie but this very person was running away without a plan. This resulted in messy combinations with floral and solid colours in all types and with one black suit that also joins the party and misses the point big time!



Finland’s choice wasn’t this ceremony biggest surprise for me. The clothes seem to follow the rules of how a rock star should like in 2021. The choice of outfits rather if it’s sleeveless longline shirts or a black blazer with a twist of silver chains falling from the shoulder down didn’t surprise me but they did impress me. Nobody was trying to look outstanding or trying to steal the show and yet these outfits worked just great! The red middle finger on the other hand could have been put aside. We all understand the meaning and the will behind it. But did you REALLY had to do it?

Shock or Mock?
It sticks to the rules, doesn’t really go beyond expected and even the twists in the outfits follow the rules and yet these outfits look great and are far from being monotonic and boring. Middle fingers up? I’d say hands down a shock kind of outfits for me!


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With a floor-length red dress, a pair of fit gloves in red and a hat (Also red because why not?) Anxhela seemed to be dressed for the event or maybe even over-dressed. The dress by itself was great and it’s one of the very few cases where elbow high gloves actually do some good to the outfit although we could have lived also without them. The hat had a statement by itself and emphasized we have to do with a capital D Diva here. Although the dress didn’t the hat to stand out, it added to the overall look and played in favour of Anxhela.

Shock or Mock?

Definitely shock! Anxhela was dressed to impress and it worked perfectly for her. I still think the gloves weren’t a must for this outfit but overall Anxhela looked like what many other women should look like when walking on the carpet. Elegance but with a twist.



Where do I even start? Gjon’s song is a great one indeed but this outfit is not a great one and that’s for sure! I loved the shirt and its prints which were meant to be shown and God forgive if we would have them covered by a buttoned blazer of any kind. But then which justification does anybody have to choose this plastic jacket as the jacket Gjon should wear? Plastic fashion items such as boots and jackets similar to this were shown in the Chanel fashion show for the Spring 2018 collection and later Zara even adapted this look and created its own jacket. But we’ve had 2 Eurovisions since then and endless fashion weeks and this jacket wasn’t one of the pieces which survived. This outfit as a whole is a mess for me. When there is no harmony between all the parts of the outfit, it’s just not worth wearing it!

Shock or Mock?
What a mock this one was! Ok white and red match. But nobody insisted it to be white plastic that would ruin this outfit. Another case of an outfit with great potential that was ruined because someone thought something looks amazing while it looks amazingly BAD!



The queen of the night is coming! Samanta Tina looked gorgeous in this green outfit. Although I am not a fan of this colour this outfit which gave me some Cleopatra vibes worked simply great for her and with her long long hair and her backless dress the whole outfit was just a show by itself! The backing vocalists’ outfits could have some more attention paid to them. They aren’t bad but they do look dull…

Shock or Mock?

This outfit is one whole piece of gorgeousness. It speaks for itself and it has its say! The queen of the night? Please consider adding the title of the queen of shock as well.



Victoria’s outfit wasn’t one big mistake. It was just a collage of many of them. The hair looked good and I mean you go THAT wrong with this hairstyle. And here we go with the mistakes: Victoria’s necklace and earrings were very good looking but why did she burry them under this white shirt? Not to mention this set deserves not less than an evening gown or a cocktail dress at worse it seems like they were trying to cover a mistake and hoping no one will pay attention. I just know I did pay attention so… And now for this jacket. Cold temperatures etc… I know. But then why would you take a jacket which looks nice by itself but so oversized on you? the jacket looks baggy, it hides Victoria’s figure instead of covering it. This one was yet another fashion mistake.

Shock or Mock?

Loved the jewels! But then the rest of it was just a mix of items which created a mess. Victoria’s song is called “Growing up is getting old”. If this outfit was a song it should be called “Teenage years”. It’s messy, nothing is like we thought it would be and we mostly like to forget about most of the things we went through during these years.



I mean nobody actually expected the men not to choose suits right? But what seemed like a nice choice on the first look turned out to be a disaster after a few more looks. A head to toe white outfit with a high neck sweater and a white denim jacket… STOP!!! I haven’t seen so much white in one place since I went skiing! And no. Pairing denim pants with a denim jacket DOES NOT make it a suit. No! Now after we made this one clear let’s talk about that pink scarf which does break this big avalanche but still isn’t present enough to actually save the outfit from looking nothing but bad. A mix of red pants and pink blazer with black tank top and a purple scarf isn’t a better combination either btw…

Shock or Mock?

It’s an effortless Mock to me. Nothing works in these outfits and someone should have paid more attention to what these two were wearing.


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Where do I start? Albina looked like somebody was inspired by the “How to make shiny slime” video on youtube and went on with it to create the whole outfit. And oh no the designer didn’t stop with the bodysuit! We also got served a far from the desired down jacket that was shiny as well. I am not allowed to swear in this article but I think I am not the only one who had “What the …” as the main reaction to this one. The dancers’ outfits seemed more like what I would wear to a brunch by the sea or a day out with friends. But I would certainly not wear this to a red carpet kind of event.

Shock or Mock?
This one is all the way mock! I mean if we were in the Met Gala and the theme was “Aliens and outer space” Albina would have fit well although her outfit could also do well when the theme was “Camp”. The dancers had the kind of outfits that look very well but fit the event very badly. And we’ve seen the outfits for the live shows. It doesn’t get much better.



Go_A kept their look inspiration from the outfits of the live shows and went once again with a futuristic look in white and some glimpses of black. An additional value these outfits have are that they are all made using recycled bottles. I was impressed by this eco-friendly act as it shows that you can look good without having to use an excessive amount of non-eco-friendly products.

Shock or Mock?

With all the goodwill Go_A had with going eco-friendly, this wasn’t enough to save these outfits from the non-desired tag of “CAMP”. Perhaps the fabric or perhaps a left behind iron made the outfits look clumsy and messy. the designs by themselves give me flashbacks to what I saw in some fashion shows where fashion students would exhibit their final projects. A lot of work on a concept that would sometimes result in clothing that aren’t really wearable.



Formal events call directly to formal dress up which includes also suits. And this time it was going safe choice all the way. The suit isn’t something we haven’t seen before, the colour is one we can find in every collection every year. And it all works in one big harmony so why not?

Shock or Mock?

Again. it’s a safe choice, no risk at all, nothing too extravagant or too “In your face” but still a shock. It works and it looks great on Uku. So why not?


San Marino

Senhit’s outfit consisted of a headpiece with quite a message and a dress that seems endless with a print I am still trying to understand what I see in it.

Shock or Mock?

And from safe choice to risky choice. What on earth was that? Senhit’s headpiece had a message by itself as she explained. It carried symbols of what we all need after such tough times such as hugs and love. What this headpiece didn’t carry is what it needed. A taste. This headpiece was just here for the statement. No style, no beauty no nothing. Just like with Ukraine. Goodwill but bad result. As for the dress, I couldn’t stay indifferent to its dimensions and its endless print of what seems to be a mix between flowers and a visit to the local aquarium and with this corset belt on top this was simply a mess.


Czech Republic

Benny was wearing a co-ord set in black and blue print which suited him just right and was nowhere close to a bad choice

Shock or Mock?

I loved the choice of outfit. It has its own say but still keeps it kind of low profile. It sits well on Benny and it simply works for him. Great choice indeed!



That moment all the squad is out and we have to choose matching outfits. Stefania and her dancers wore black outfits with Stefania wearing a black floor-length one-shoulder dress with a sparkly belt and chocker and her dancers going on black pants and shirts with pins in silver on their collars.

Shock or Mock? 

Greece was going all black this time and it went all right. Stefania looked stunning in a dress that wasn’t a risky choice in any way. As for her dancers, the outfit worked well although I do doubt the need for the leather jacket two of them wore. It wasn’t that bad but we could have lived well without it.



Tusse went once again on choosing a suit as his outfit just like he did in Melodifestivalen. This time the suit was in green and was designed by H&M. This might seem like a weird choice for some but it isn’t as many personalities in Sweden wear H&M for high profile events with some of these personalities being members of the Swedish royal family.

Shock or Mock?

I am a great fan of suits but this time it’s a mock. The choice of green as the colour probably had an aim behind it. Probably to give a younger and less conservative look instead of sticking to the classical colours of blue, black and navy. Yet, this time the choice was bad and this outfit wasn’t what I would expect for an event of such kind.



Once again Belgium chose a dark palette for their clothing. The outfits were t-shirts, trousers and blazer or leather jacket for the men and a trench coat (which might have had a dress underneath it if it wasn’t the dress itself) for the lead singer.

Shock or Mock?

The choices were all lacking crucial elements and they simply didn’t work. T-shirt and leather jacket is a great combination many of us wear but not for an event of such kind. The same goes for the combination of jeans and a blazer. The trench coat seems to be almost begging to be one size smaller seeing the lead singer’s tiny waist which was emphasized by locking the belt at its last hole causing the coat to look wrinkled.



Lesley wore a two pieces suit in yellow with checkered black white and blue print with a white shirt underneath.

Shock or Mock?

The suit seemed to be baggy and therefore misfit for Lesley. The shirt covering Lesley’s hands gave the impression the outfit was simply in the wrong size. The bad choice here…



Efendi was wearing a long dress in purple. She accessorised her look with a brown and white bag and a pair of long earrings

Shock or Mock?

The dress isn’t doing any good to Efendi. It looks like a choice of an older woman and it makes Efendi look older in 15 years at least. I was expecting something much more fierce seeing her outfits in the video and on stage. This dress should have been shorter as well seeing Efendi isn’t that tall herself which with this dress is even more emphasized as the dress seems to “shorten” her even more. The bag could be easily left in the hotel room as well.



Elena went on a colourful floor-length floral stripes-less dress with sleeves going from her elbow down.

Shock or Mock?

In opposition with her outfit for the live shows, this time Elena let me down big time. the dress isn’t made for such an event and it looks like something one will probably find in the girls section of a retail store rather than in the women’s. It also seems like the dress is about to fall at any given moment seeing how low the cleavage goes.



Tix chose to open his archives and wear his outfit from the MGP with which he won the national final. It consisted of golden pants and shirt with many golden necklaces and a long fur jacket in white.

Shock or Mock?

The whole outfit looks like a parody to me. This fur jacket had no reason to be there and the excessive amount of gold doesn’t do any good. If this outfit would be given a name it should have been “Mock”.



Eden wore a white dress with floral details by Israeli designer Alon Livne (Yes Eden we spotted this. It was useless to show off with it in front of the cameras.) with a jacket on top which mostly fell on Eden’s arms.

Shock or Mock?

The dress was beautiful and it fitted the event 100%. Yet, I don’t really understand what was the jacket’s role there as it seemed to be too puffy for such a delicate dress. Anyhow this one was a shock for me just like any outfit done by Alon Livne


The Netherlands

Jeangu wore a pair of trousers and a shirt in a dark shade of green with what seems to be a waist belt in white.

Shock or Mock?

The outfit by itself looks good. I do have a problem with the belt as it tries to bring an edgy side to the outfit but it looks simply odd in a very unpleasant way. The outfit could have done better alone without the belt which was a mock by itself



Maneskin wore an almost uniform outfit of vests with a different collar and cleavage for each member as well as a purple blazer and what looks like some kind of a tie just tired around their neck.

Shock or Mock?

Already during Sanremo Maneskin had a different style than other artists while the second were dressed up in Italy’s best brands Maneskin chose more extravagant and less classic outfits. But this time it was a failure. This mix of colours and pieces created a big mess which isn’t pleasant to see. The band who is representing one of the biggest countries in the world of fashion literally mocked herself all the way with their choice of outfits.


North Macedonia

Vasil wore a black vest on top of a black sleeveless tank top and a pair of black trousers which were accessories with a mirror-like crown.

Shock or Mock?

My jaw dropped when I saw this look! Is this enough to say? The solid black along with Vasil’s tattoos and the crown which gives all this black outfit a touch of light worked all the way for me. Loved it!



Blas wore a suit with a double-breasted blazer in pale blue.

Shock or Mock?

Pale blue could have been a risky choice of colour but it wasn’t this time. Blas didn’t go crazy with his choice of outfit and it worked well for him.


United Kingdom

James wore a white shirt with a pair of black pants and a brown jacket in leather.

Shock or Mock?

The outfit by itself is a safe choice for a night out with friends but is far from being a relevant choice for a red carpet kind of event. It simply doesn’t work. This is the kind o outfits one might as well go to work with but never to such an event.



The roop went with multiple choices for their outfits. From red suit to black suit to a black suit consisting of a blazer and a belt with a skirt instead of pants.

Shock or Mock?

Although their outfits for the live show might look like a mock these ones weren’t. It all looked well and the combination of blazer and skirt as a suit for a man seems to give a different perspective on how men can dress up for such an event.



Jendrik wore a short-sleeved blazer in white with a black collar with pictures of all absent artists from this year along with a black shirt and trousers

Shock or mock?

It isn’t a classical outfit for such an event but I do like the overall look. It was worth the “risk”.


Ana was wearing a black one-shoulder dress with a chocker, bracelet and a couple of rings as accessories.

Shock or Mock?

I’m sorry, but where is the question? I mean I couldn’t expect less from Ana. This outfit has elegance and style dripping from it as Ana walks this carpet! I was literally shocked by how good this outfit looked.



Barbara wore a black chiffon dress with dots by Dior.

Shock or Mock?

I would expect more from the house of Dior especially for an event of such kind and especially when I know they are capable to do something much more impressive than this dress. This dress was a missed chance to show off the French Savoir-faire and the spirit of the house of Dior at its best. This one could be a shock but it missed the turn and became a mock.



Manizha went once again on the choice of a red jumpsuit just like she did for live shows with a coat and headpiece inspired by Russian traditional dress up.

Shock or Mock?

I am not always a fan of interpretations of traditional clothing to modern clothing but this one worked just as fine as it should have. It wasn’t a red carpet kind of outfit but it looked great on Manizha and it did its job in the best way.

Top 5 best-dressed female singers

  1. Ana Soklic – Slovenia
  2. Stefania – Greece
  3. Sanja Vucic (Hurricane) – Serbia
  4. Natalia Gordienko – Moldova
  5. Samanta Tina – Latvia


Top 5 best-dressed male singers

  1. Uku Suviste – Estonia
  2. Vasil – North Macedonia
  3. Vincent Bueno – Austria
  4. Benny Cristo – Czech Republic
  5. Blind Channel – Finland


Top 5 worst-dressed female singers

  1. Albina – Croatia
  2. Senhit – San Marino
  3. Victoria – Bulgaria
  4. Lesley Roy – Ireland
  5. Elena Tsagrinou – Cyprus


Top 5 worst-dressed male singers

  1. Maneskin (Male members) – Italy
  2. Tornike Kipiani – Georgia
  3. Gjon’s Tears – Switzerland
  4. The Black Mamba – Portugal
  5.  Hooverphonic (Male members)- Belgium
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