Tones And I ready to compete in Eurovision for Australia in 2022!

Australia’s superstar Tones And I (Toni Watson) was a guest in the Fitzy and Whippa radio show in Australia, where she confirmed that she was asked to write a song for Montaigne for this year’s Contest, and added that she is ready to be part of it next year.

Tones And I was asked to help write a song for Montaigne for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, and in this radio show she confirmed that the lockdown has made that impossible unfortunately, as she could not make her way to the studio. However, she is ready to get involved in Australia’s Eurovision project for 2022, as she’d love to do the song and the artwork, and sing the song as well if needed.

You can check out the part of the interview with the Eurovision mentions right here:

I was asked to help write the Eurovision song for Montaigne which is obviously the coolest thing. But I didn’t, with lockdown, we had lockdown again so I wasn’t able to get to the studio…. Then after that I spoke to the guys and said I want to be involved in Eurovision, I want to help write the song and the artwork. I love writing the songs, I love doing the film clips… so next year I don’t mind if I sing, I don’t care about singing that’s fine, but I want to be a part of the artistic side.

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