Live-On-Tape Performances for Eurovision 2022?

After the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest had to be canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic, the EBU made sure that the 2021 could take place, no matter of the current situation regarding the corona virus. Therefore, each of the participating acts had to record a live-on-tape performance, a three minute clip of the artists singing their Eurovision song in a studio in their own country. These clips were made, in order to guarantee that each country could participate, even if they would not be able to make it to Rotterdam in person.

In the end, the only act that had to use their live-on-tape performance was Australia’s Montaigne with “Technicolour”, due to the country’s travel restrictions. You can watch it here:

So, what does this mean for the next year’s Eurovision Song Contest? It is still unsure whether the live-on-tape will have to return for Turin 2022. We already found out that the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on December 19th 2021 will not be using live-on-tape performances.

However, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is not only much closer, but also a way smaller event. While there are three live shows and 41 delegations planned to come to Turin next May, the children’s contest only has one live show and 19 delegants.

Furthermore, the website of OGAE Greece has already published an article on this matter. According to them, the live-on-tape performances will indeed be back for 2022 and allegedly the participating broadcasters have already been informed about this!

What is your personal opinion on this matter? Do you think it would be useful to keep the live-on-tape performances for 2022, just to be sure? Tell us your opinion in the comments and on our social media profiles!

Finally, if you wonder what a Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final with solely live-on-tape performances could look like, you can find out below!


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