Beatrise Heislere – ‘When I was a kid, I used to watch and sing and dance along’

The Latvian selection for Turin starts next week, with the semifinal of Supernova taking place on Saturday 5th February. Ahead of the show we caught up with one of the competitors, Beatrise Heislere to discuss her participation and to find out more about her song ‘On The Way Home’

Here is what she told us:

Hi Beatrise and congratulations on being selected for the semifinals of Supernova! – How do you feel being back in this competition again after your last attempt in 2018?

This contest excites me and even if it may seem as though everyone is competing against each other, it still is an amazing collective energy and vibe within the competition, so I think the whole process is an amazing journey and will be an experience to remember.

As we mentioned, this isn’t your first time in the competition, having competed back in 2018 as a member of Hypnotic.  Will it feel different to be on the stage on your own this time around? Have the girls from Hypnotic been in touch with messages of support, and do you still work together?

This is a huge step for me as I’ve been part of projects for so long and yet to do much as a solo artist. The last few years have come with certain challenges,  as well as self-acknowledgement, so we could say this is me going forward even if I don’t know how it will be further on. We don’t collaborate as Hypnotic anymore, but I’ve received support from their end which I very much appreciate.

You can relive the performance of ‘Pray’ right here:

You’ve also had experience on stage as a backing vocalist, including for other people in this year’s lineup – working with Markus Riva and Ralfs Eilands for instance. Does it help to have so many familiar faces around you?

In general, many of participants I know personally because of various experience in the music industry (e.g. participation in TV shows), for sure it will be a great chance to meet everyone again.

What made you want to return to the competition? Is it something you wanted to do for a while and look for the right song, or did you record ‘On The Way Home’ and only then decide it would be good to enter into Supernova?

It’s the last one. At first, I wanted to release the song as a single, but Edvards Grieze [author of the song who participated in Supernova 2019 as Ed Rallidae] encouraged me to enter it in the competition. Surely, by being selected for the semi-final, I have an amazing opportunity to present the song live on national television, reach out as a solo artist to people who enjoy my music, and, maybe the best thing – break down the borders, as this has given me a chance to find my listeners in Europe and get in touch with great people who follow the competition and create Eurovision-related content.

Your song is about putting yourself first, and it has a really positive message. Coming out of a pandemic, everyone has been feeling a little bit down, so it’s great to have something upbeat. Outside of music, what do you do to put yourself first, do you have a favourite way to treat yourself?

Thank you, I truly agree that the message of the song is something people may have needed for quite some time now. I would say that for some people quality of self-assuredness may come naturally and some must learn it, just like I have had to – working on this quality a little every day to be better tomorrow. When it comes to me treating myself, I think the best way to achieve a very good, happy, and positive day would include good food, and a nice walk somewhere close to nature and some quality time with people you are close to. That should do it.

Of course, if you win the competition, you will win the right to go to Turin for Eurovision. Have you always been a big fan of Eurovision, and what are your earliest memories of watching the contest?

Oh, yes. When I was kid, I used to watch and sing and dance along, dreaming I would go there some time. In the past few years I haven’t had as much of a chance to be as big an enthusiast as I was back then, but there is always a song or two that will go on my playlist.  Even if I don’t have a chance to watch it from the beginning until the end, I do my research and make my conclusions.  And of course, I wouldn’t mind visiting Italy again (I have been there only once). Why not combine the two?

Supernova this year had the largest number of song submissions in its history, and the final shortlist has such a great diversity of styles and genres. Do you get a sense of real excitement about this year’s competition, and why do you think there has been so much interest this time around?

Honestly, I wasn’t putting too much hope in my participation once I found out how many people had sent applications, but was extremely happy to find out that I was selected in the top 16. Of course the semi-final will be colourful and exciting as none of the songs are even similar to one another, which gives people great burden and freedom at the same time.  I think there were more songs this year because last year there was no competition, so it’s good to have this opportunity again.

And what is next for you. Are there any further projects planned, an EP or album perhaps?

Yes, of course. I have already begun to gather ideas for something new that could be released in spring. As for any musician and artist, of course an EP or album is something worth working for.

We look forward to that very much Beatrise, it would be great to hear more new material from you! Thank you so much for your time in talking to us, and we wish you the very best of luck in the competition!

Take a listen to ‘On The Way Home’ right here:

You can watch the semi-final on Saturday 5th Feb, and we will of course be providing a live blog, so keep an eye on our social media pages!

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