EMA Freš Final to be held on January 28th – Eva Boto among the hosts!

14 finalists of the EMA Freš will soon perform for the last time. The number of winners of the EMA Freš remains unchanged – only four of them will qualify to EMA 2022 – two of them will qualify via televoting and two will qualify via jury voting.

Due to the program and production limitations that RTVSLO is facing due to the increased spread of covid-19, the Entertainment Program decided to hold the final EMA Fresh show in one evening, which will happen on Friday, January 28th at 8 PM CET, on TV SLO 1.

Eva Boto, Melani Mekicar and Arne will host EMA Freš 2022!
Along with Melani Mekicar, who has already established herself as the TV presenter of the popular entertainment and music TV show V petek zvečer, Eva Boto (Slovenia 2012) and rapper Arne will present themselves for the first time hosting the final TV show EMA Freš.

I am looking forward to EMA Freš, because I started my music career in a similar way. And somehow I relive the years 2011 and 2012, when we had the Misija Evrovizija at that time. I am happy and at the same time positively surprised, that we have so many talented young musicians, who want to present themselves. So there is no fear at all for a good musical offspring. (Eva Boto)



These are competings acts, with the titles of the songs, including composers and writers:

1. MIA VUČKOVIĆ TELENOVELA Aleksandar Ignjatić – Coa, Senad Smajlović (die Rich) / Aleksandar Ignjatić – Coa / Aleksandar Ignjatić – Coa, Luka Radojlović – Rodah
2. DE LIRI OBSTAJAM Zala Kores, Julija Veleski, Žan Serčič / Zala Kores, Žan Serčič / Julija Veleski, Žan Serčič
3. JON VITEZIČ JESUS STYLE Jon Vitezič / Jon Vitezič / Peter Dekleva
4. INA MOJ DOPAMIN Matic Mlakar, Jure Skaza / Ina Olup, Jure Skaza / Matic Mlakar
6. STELA SOFIA TU IN ZDAJ Stela Sofia, Žan Serčič / Žan Serčič / Žan Serčič
7. LEYA LEANNE NAKED Leya Leanne, Shawn Myers, Jonas Gladnikoff / Shawn Myers / Leya Leanne, Jonas Gladnikoff
8. NIKA S. POČAKAJ ME Martin Lunder, Nace Jordan / Martin Lunder / Nace Jordan
9. KATJA KOS DEADLY FLOWER Katja Kos / Katja Kos / Katja Kos, Mario Babojelić
10. JAKA HLIŠ SVOJE SREČE KROJAČ Jaka Hliš / Jaka Hliš / Alex Volasko, Jaka Hliš
11. ANJA VODOŠEK MANIAC Raay / Anej Piletič / Raay Music
12. EMMA MOJA SREČA Neisha / Neisha / Neisha, Dejan Radičević
13. LPS DISKO Filip Vidušin, Žiga Žvižej, Gašper Hlupič, Mark Semeja, Zala Velenšek / Filip Vidušin, Žiga Žvižej, Gašper Hlupič, Mark Semeja, Zala Velenšek / Filip Vidušin, Žiga Žvižej, Gašper Hlupič, Mark Semeja, Zala Velenšek, Jakob Korošec
14. LUMA ALL IN Lucija Harum, Martin Vogrin / Lucija Harum, Martin Vogrin, Vid Turica / Martin Vogrin, Vid Turica

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