Lily Löwe: "I wanted to write a song about heartache without making a sad song."

Lill Sofie Eriksson Wilsberg is a Norwegian stylist, make-up artist as well as songwriter from Eidskog. Her music is rooted in melodic hard rock, but extends over several genres such as metal with elements of pop and punk. Through contrasts between the soundscape and the visual, her music breaks expectations one may have of the genre, and creates its own unique universe. Lily’s musical role models include Rammstein and Lady Gaga. She is best known for the work on the series Rådebank and Delete Me. She also worked with The Weeknd, Marcus & MartinusIsac Elliot and many others.

Hello Lily, if I am not mistaken your favourite music genres are melodic hard rock and metal, have you made your first musical steps performing in those or you took a completely different way, can you share your beginning in music?
– I love all kinds of music, but rock has always been closest to my heart. I played in a rockband when I was like, 11-12 years old, and one when I was 16. After that I performed a little on smaller stages in the area where I come from. So this is my official debut as an artist and I´m so grateful for doing it on Melodi Grand Prix!

What made you decide to take part at Melodi Grand Prix?
– I just had a feeling that this song would be good for MGP, so we listened to our gut and entered, and now were here!

Can you tell us a bit about”Bad Baby” given the fact that you are one of the coauthors of it and what does the song mean for you? How was it to work with Trond and Victoria on the creation of “Bad Baby”?
– I wrote the song 3,5 years ago with my cousin. I had this idea and then we developed it together. It´s about falling for someone who turns out not being like you thought. And the name “Bad Baby” comes from me hearing so many people calling their boyfriend/girlfriend “baby”. So I just put Bad in front of it and that’s how the title was created. I wanted to write a song about heartache without making a sad song, I wanted to take something negative and turn it into something positive with energy that would make people happy while listening to it.
I sent the song to Trond and we worked more on it and made it shorter and more catchy, and yeah – that’s how it was created!

You will share the stage with Trond Holter, Marius Viken and Bernt Jansen, half of the Wig Wam band is going to be there with you, have they gave you any advice how to win MGP given the fact they represented Norway at Eurovision 2005?
– Yes! Just be yourself and have fun!

Can we expect a performance from a rock concert or it will be completely different?
– That´s a secret! You have to watch it to find out 😉

Except in music you also work as the stylist and make-up artist which led you to  work on the series Rådebank and Delete Me and collaborate with The Weeknd, Marcus & Martinus, Isac Elliot and other singers. How was it to work on the series and collaborate with all of those artists? Any anecdote/story or a memory which you’d like to share?
– I’m grateful for every show and artist I’ve worked with. I’ve made so many friends from working as a makeup artist and stylist/costume designer and that´s a part of why I am who I am today. The last day of shooting Rådebank is one of the moments I have close to my heart, because we have had such a nice time together and I love them all so much, so just standing there crying at the last day of shooting with the people I’ve shared this experience with was a moment I´ll never forget.

Melodi Grand Prix has long history, 62 years have passed from the first edition, What is your favourite song which competed at the stage of MGP and tell us why did you choose it?
– My favorite from MGP is “In my dreams” by Wig Wam. Such a good song!

Do you watch Eurovision regularly, if so would you like to share a memory which you have of it or a favourite song from the contest?
– I have three performances I would like to mention.

Lordi – WOW, something completely different from what we were used to seeing on that stage! Loved the song.

Conchita Wurst – One of the most powerful performances I´ve ever seen on Eurovision! So beautiful..

Alexander Rybak – When he won Eurovision! It was so epic and everyone in Norway was so proud!

If you could choose a metal/rock band with which you could perform a tour which one would it be and why?
Rammstein! I love their music and they have the best live shows!

What are your plans after Melodi Grand Prix 2022?
– Hopefully it will be better times again soon so we can play concerts! And ofc create more music!

Thank you so much for your time Lily. We wish you the best of luck at Melodi Grand Prix.Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for readers of escbubble?

– Thank you so so much for streaming Bad Baby! The music video is also out now and my debut album so please check it out! And thank you so much for all of the love, it means the world to me. Much love, Lily Löwe xx

You can listen to “Bad Baby” on Spotify and check Lily’s debut album Löwe or watch the music video below

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