Martin Lee on Eurovision: The music has slipped away

Martin Lee has given his thoughts on the modern Eurovision, saying that he feels that the music has slipped away compared to when he took part.

Martin formed part of the band Brotherhood of Man who won the contest for the UK in 1976 with ‘Save your kisses for me’.

Speaking to the UK Newspaper The Daily Express, when asked what he’d change about the contest, Martin said:

“How long have you got? There’s no orchestra anymore. If you can’t sing with an orchestra anymore, what’s the point? I feel, to me, the music has slipped away a little bit, as I’m a songwriter.

Martin added:

“Eurovision has changed quite dramatically [since the 70s]. It’s [now] more of a light show.

“I like the light show, but the songs seem to have disappeared a bit in the modern era.”

Despite Martin’s views on the contest nowadays, Martin still believes that UK performers should compete at the contest, adding:

“We should still participate because it’s the biggest show in the world. It’s great for new songwriters, it’s a great extravaganza.

“What else do we have on TV other than the soaps? A billion [viewers] can’t all be wrong.”

Martin was then asked if he’d come back to the contest, saying:

“People always say: ‘You should do it, you’re the winners’, but that’s the way to remain – the winners!” he declared. “If we lost, they would only remember us for losing.”

Martin adds that after 46 years after winning, fans still ask for him to sing his Eurovision song at concerts, adding

“We couldn’t leave the stage without playing that – they’d hang us from the rafters!” he joked.

You can see Brotherhood of Man’s winning performance below:

Do you agree with Martin’s views? Do you think the orchestra should return to the contest? Let us know in the comments section below!
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