Rachel Goode – "Singing Spice Girls and then I could whack out Pie Jesu!"

This week the Irish national selection show is back as we welcome back the Late Late Show Eurosong special!

One of the acts taking part is classically trained singer Rachel Goode, we were lucky enough to catch up with her for a chat to find out a bit more about her and her song “I’m Loving Me!

Hey Rachel! Welcome to Eurosong 2022! First off, what made you want to enter this year and potentially represent Ireland in Turin in May?

So the song was actually entered and chosen before I was picked as the artist, they had no Irish artist with the song so they went on the look out on instagram and found me !  They contacted me and said they loved my voice and vibe and would I sing their song. That’s how it all happened but I’ve watched Eurovision ever since I was a child so I am so thrilled to be involved and to be in the running to represent my country!

Can you tell us a bit about your musical background? Being a classically trained singer, we know you have such versatility with your vocal, what style of song do you like performing most?

Yes so I grew up singing, I always loved all kinds of music growing up. My parents listened to a lot of country and Irish folk music and thats where my love for that type of music and singing grew. My favourite band growing up were the Spice Girls, I was obsessed.  My mum also loved classical music and listened to Charlotte Church CDs, I was able to sing along and hit all this high notes so my mum decided to send me for some voice lessons. It was strange as one second I could belt out Patsy Cline “crazy” , the next I was living my popstar life singing Spice Girls and then I could whack out Pie Jesu. I went on to do a music degree in Dublin and then a Masters in Opera Performance in Wales. I’ve been very lucky to have had so much experience on big stages!

Its hard to pick one particular genre as I love all music, but I do love my folk roots and feel very at home singing that type of music!

You mention on your website about a love for fashion, can we expect to see some of this influence with your Eurosong performance on The Late Late Show?!

Yes i LOVE fashion and getting glammed up. This song is definitely an excuse for some glam so yes I intend to glitz things up a bit for the show for sure!

Can you tell us a bit about the song and the team behind it?

So the team behind the song are from Sweeden, and you can defintely hear this influence in the song to. They are an amazing bunch if people and it has been a pleasure to work with them on this project. Whatever happens I want to do them proud and their song the justice it deserves. They worked so hard to create a song which combines all the stereotypical elements of a Eurovision song and I hope people hear and support that.

If you could duet with any musical artist ever, who would it be and why?

Yikes, this is difficult as there are actually so many, I could probably pick one per genre ! Maybe Elton John as I am a huge fan of him and his music, but also Irish singer Finbar Furey, his song Sweet Sixteen is my favourite ever song and to get to duet that with him would be a dream! (Maybe he might see this and get in touch haha wishful thinking)

What is your favourite Irish Eurovision entry ever?!

Irish entry….. I loved  “in your eyes” and Rock n Roll kids, absolute classics and won it for Ireland. I loved last years entry too, I was surprised it didn’t qualify!

And finally Barrys or Lyons tea?

Well would you believe I am more of a coffee person!!!!!! Haha

Thanks so much Rachel, and we look forward to seeing you perform on The Late Late Show and we wish you the best of luck!

Check out Rachel’s song “I’m Loving Me” below and you can support her by voting (If you live in Ireland!) next Friday on The Late Late Show Eurosong special!

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