Steffen:”You can’t go through life or things in life without your better half or special someone.”

Steffen Jakobssen is a Norwegian musician, singer, guitarist and songwriter. He became known after ending on 3rd place at the 7th season of Idol Norway back in 2013. His performance of “Your Man” by his music role model Josh Turner was named the best “Idol” moment of the year. Steffen released his first album “My beginning” in 2009 and his second album “Six Strings Love Affair” came out in 2013 and it included popular songs such as “Music Man” and “What She Wants“. His biggest dream is to perform on the radio program “Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville.

Hello Steffen, you rose up to fame among the Norwegian audience after you ended on 3rd
place in Idol 2013 and your performance of “Your Man” by Josh Turner got the title of the best “Idol moment of the year”. How did Idol change your life and how much has that experience help you prepare for future in music industry?
Hi ! It did help me understand better of how the industry works and all the speed bumps and the music, friendship and how I am as a person. Now that i’m older (32 soon) I am leaning more towards more what I really want to do in my genre of Country. 

What made you decide to take part at Melodi Grand Prix?
Mats Wennerberg sent me this song through Facebook messenger that I got a song that you can win MGP with, and I didn’t know him at that time. And I liked it very much so I wanted to record it and and after a couple of weeks I finally got the answer to take part in the 2022 MGP!

Can you tell us a bit about “With Me Tonight” given the fact that you are one of the coauthors of it and what does the song mean for you?
The song is written by Mats Wennerberg and Nicolai Herwel. And it’s a type of love song that I think that everybody can relate to, song is more like open minded where you can decide the story for yourself. Its more like you can’t go through life or things in life without your better half or special someone.

What kind of a performance could we expect?

– Wait and see ! Haha.. it will be a full band with a western style look with an awesome song.

Your biggest dream is to perform on the radio program “Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville, so if someone gave you a chance to choose between winning MGP 2022 or performing at the next edition of “Grand Ole Opry” what would you choose?
– Off course both! But winning MGP is my Main goal and success in life to have !

Do you watch Eurovision regularly, if so would you like to share a memory which you have of it or a favourite song from the contest?
– I have been watching it since I was 10 years old give and take so I cant really remember one moment, but off course from Norway everybody remembers Alexander Rybak.

I suppose that Josh Turner is your favourite singer, but is there any other artist whose music you enjoy listening to and with whom you’d like to collaborate on a duet?
– Josh Turner would be great ! Even we are more a like. A song with Kris Kristofferson would be great, since he is one of the last Outlaws in country music.

What’s the country song you would recommend to all of the people who don’t listen to country music which could switch their mind and maybe even make the genre their favourite?
– I don’t have a one song cuz there is to many to pick from. But from Merle Haggard to Josh Turner and Brothers Osborne for starters.

What are your plans after Melodi Grand Prix 2022?

– Of how the outcome will be, I will release more music and hopefully tour more.

Thank you so much for your time Stefen. We wish you the best of luck at Melodi Grand Prix. Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for readers of escbubble?

– Thanks for letting me do this. And I hope people would follow me on Instagram and listen to my music on Spotify. And please vote for me on my performance this Saturday (22 Jan).


You can listen to “With Me Tonight” on Spotify or below

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite at the second semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2022!

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