Varry Brava: “Raffaella Carrà has left us her light and joy to make people feel happy with music”

ESCbubble has had the chance to talk to Varry Brava’s vocalist Oscar Ferrer, who will compete at the Spanish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 along with Aarön Sáez (keyboard) and Vicente Illescas (guitar). They will perform the song ‘Raffaella’ at the First Semi-Final of Benidorm Fest on January 26th.

Hello guys! First of all, I want to thank you for your time. What made you apply for Benidorm Fest? Had you thought about going to Eurovision before?

Oscar: A year ago, we fantasized about doing it and, now, we’re closer than ever. We like Eurovision, it’s part of our nostalgia and we think it’s a unique way of promoting European music.

Your song ‘Raffaella’ is influenced by an Italian singer who recently passed away. What does Raffaella Carrà mean to you? What can you highlight about her career? How did you decide to include her in your song?

Oscar: From Raffaella, we have learnt to have fun and enjoy on stage. She has left us her light and joy to make people feel happy with music. Her career is impeccable, her way of communicating with a single glance is extraordinary. This song is a small thank you to her, which we have done with all the love and respect she deserves.

Can you tell us anything about the staging you are going to prepare for the Benidorm Fest shows? Is there going to be a wink towards Raffaella Carrà on stage? Would you like to change anything if you were chosen for Eurovision? 

Oscar: We’re keeping the secret so that it will be a real surprise on the 26th. We’ve worked with our team and we are very happy with the result. If we get to Eurovision, we will give it a small touch so as not to repeat the same show.

What would it mean to you to represent Spain at Eurovision? Why do you think you should be the ones chosen to lead the Spanish entry for Turin? 

Oscar: In addition to the responsibility that it implies, it makes us very excited. It would be a big experience we would like to live. We believe in the Eurovision Song Contest and we are going to stand for it as it deserves.

Your song has influences from the music of the ’70s and ’80s, which is a trend in the Eurovision world nowadays. What elements does your song have that make it different from similar entries from the last year’s edition, such as Iceland or Denmark?

Oscar: Our song tells the story of any of us. It adapts to any situation and experience. Getting out of a bad moment leaning on who helps and loves you. It’s a universal message treated with joy and desire to live. Musically, we have achieved a magical balance between electronic music, pop and ’70s disco music.

If you don’t win Benidorm Fest this year, would you like to try it again in the future as other national and international artists have already done?

Oscar: I don’t know, maybe yes, maybe not. It’s not in our minds not to win Benidorm Fest. We composed Raffaella to win Eurovision.

Who do you think are your strongest competitors at Benidorm Fest? Do you have any favourite songs?

Oscar: RTVE has made an amazing selection. It’s impossible to highlight one. It would be like highlighting one genre over another. There’s a lot of diversity and that’s the great news: a real representation of what’s happening in our country.

Have you ever watched the Eurovision Song Contest? What songs do you like the most from previous editions? Any performances that caught your attention?

Oscar: We have great memories of watching it with the family. There are many mythical songs, I like the performance of Salomé singing Vivo Cantando.

How was the group formed? We have read that you managed to record 10 songs for your album ‘Furor’ in just 30 days. How was that experience?

Oscar: We are three high school friends who got together to make songs one day because we shared the dream of living from music. There are denser CDs, that take longer, and more spontaneous ones. That happened with Furor, we wanted to reflect the freshness of the moment. We let ourselves be carried away by good impulses. If a smile escaped us with an arrangement, a melody or a word, it was good, so we recorded it.

Why do you compose music based on the ’70s and ’80s? What attracts you to the music of that era?

Oscar: I suppose it’s because it’s the music we used to listen to as kids, in our parents’ car, on TV series, on the radio… We like the textures of those ’70s and 80’s sounds and how daring those bands and soloists were.

What plans do you have for the upcoming months? Any new projects?

Oscar: We’re going to continue to make new music and prepare the live concerts for the dates that have already been set for 2022. We’re looking forward to publishing new material and, above all, to returning to the normal tour.

What do you like to do besides composing songs or performing in concerts? What are your favourite hobbies?

Oscar: We like travelling, going out with our old friends, reading, being with our families and spending money in shopping centres and second-hand stores.

I wish you the best of luck for Benidorm Fest!

Oscar: Thank you! See you at Benidorm Fest!

Don’t miss the semifinals on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27, and the Grand Finale on Saturday 29th.

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