Aaron Sibley: ‘Celebrating a community that I am a part of was magical and touching’

Aaron Sibley is a singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom and is currently working on his music career in London. He has previously participated in Moldova’s National Finals, and now he has made it to the Emerging Artists Semi Finals in Una vocer per San Marino, in hopes of making it to Eurovision in Turin to represent this most serene of republics!


Ciao Aaron! Thank you so much for finding time in your busy schedule to talk to us this week! Congratulations on making it this far in Una voce per San Marino! What made you decide to take part this year?

Hello, and thank you! Well, I’m a big fan of Eurovision and I have been writing songs for the competition for years, it’s just not every year that I have qualified to the national selections. This year I saw an international call from San Marino and I had a song that I really wanted to keep for myself rather than sending to another artist – so I applied and qualified. 

Who inspired you to become part of the music industry?

I’ve had many influences growing up and there are several artists that I strike a lot of inspiration from. But I think there’s no other way to put it than, I’ve always had a passion for music, it’s been my driving force, and I have always known there’s nothing else I want to do with my life. I moved to London in 2017 to pursue my music career and since then I’ve not really stopped. 

You got to perform on the MainStage of Pride in London at Trafalgar Square back in 2017. What was that experience like for a young artist, such as yourself?

I did! It was a dream. Performing on a stage in front of so many people, all celebrating a community that I am a part of was magical and touching. It definitely helped give me the confidence to push myself more to perform on more large stages. 

Are you able to share anything yet about your song for Una voce per San Marino, or how the songwriting process worked?

I can’t release my song just yet but I can tell you that it is a song that’s very close to my heart. It’s about the pressure that we add on ourselves as musicians in the music industry. Especially in this day and age where we are all so well connected; comparing yourself to others is far easier than championing your own success. I’ve personally struggled with this my whole life, and this song explains it all. 

Have you been able to rehearse your song live yet? If so, how have rehearsals been? If not, can you share anything about what you’d like to do on stage?

I’ve only performed my song once, and that was in-front of the audition jury for Una Voce Per San Marino. My staging is simple, but effective. The song doesn’t command choreography or a busy stage. It’s a song that describes the struggle with mental health and it’s very important that the staging reflects this too. 

Three times you’ve made it to the national selection for Eurovision in Moldova. This year you have written the song ‘Starlight’ with Nikos Sofis for Scripcaru Marcela in Moldova’s selection. What is it about Moldova that brings you back?

It’s funny because I never thought I would keep returning back each year, but since I performed at the national selection in 2018, I met a lot of artists and songwriters and since then new music ventures have just sort of happened and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to have now 3 songs in their national selection. 

How do your experiences in Moldova’s Eurovision qualifiers compare with your journey thus far in San Marino?

I think it will help me a lot because I’ve not only written songs for national selections, but I’ve also had the opportunity to perform in a national selection as an artist. So I feel like I know more what the jury wants and I hope I am able to deliver. 

Given your CV and your song reaction videos on YouTube, you must be a Eurovision fan! Do you have a favourite song or a memory about the Contest?

I certainly am. Maybe a little obsessed! I love listening to the new songs for Eurovision and I’ve loved watching the competition evolved over the years. I have to say my favourite memory is actually a personal memory rather than a particular song. Each year I gather with my family to watch the competition and in 2019 we had a big gathering with lots of food and drinks and lots of laughs and had a great night. It was the last time we were able to do this since Covid came so it is definitely a favourite Eurovision memory of mine. 

Were you to win Una voce per San Marino, what would it mean to you to represent this country at Eurovision in Turin?

It would mean the world to me. It would give me the chance to do so many things and I would have a platform to take my career to the next level. I would also be so grateful as there is little opportunity in the UK for any chance in representing for Eurovision so for San Marino to accept me into the national selection is amazing. 

What are your plans after Una voce per San Marino? Can fans expect any new music and some gigs in the near future?

I have a couple of intimate gigs lined up for the near future and also a couple of releases too. I will be planning a proper release of my entry song soon after this competition and I will also be planning another release soon after!

Thank you so much again for your time! We wish you the best of luck in San Marino! Do you want to share anything else or you maybe you have a message for your fans and the followers of ESCBubble?

Thank so much for the well wishes, I’m excited to perform my song on the stage! Please keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂


Aaron will compete in the International Emerging Artists Semi Finals between Sunday 13th and Tuesday 15th February. You can keep up with Aaron on his website, as well as his Instagram!

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