Andrea: ‘You Can’t Be Afraid Of Your Dreams’

Andrea Koevska is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Skopje, North Macedonia and she’s competing in Za Evrosong 2022, in the hopes of representing he country at Eurovision in Turin in May. Recently, despite feeling under the weather, she was very kind to give ESCBubble some of her time to chat about her new song “Circles” and some of her plans for Eurovision, should she be chosen.

We’ll find out how North Macedonia voted on Friday, 4th February! Until then, watch the highlights of our chat on YouTube, or browse the full transcript of our chat below!

In the meantime, citizens of North Macedonia can vote online for their favourite, and be sure to check out Andrea’s entry ‘Circles’ for North Macedonia’s Za Evrosong 2022!

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Dave: Congratulations for being chosen for Za Evrosong this year! So why did you decide to compete in the competition this year?

Andrea: Well, first of all, I decided because we had the opportunity to this is like a new model of people that can make songs and just like send it and people were gonna choose it, I don’t know, like a jury and judges or whatever. And I saw it as a big opportunity. Because you know, I make music that’s predominantly in English, and my audience is different. So this was a chance for my domestic domestic audience to get to know me because it’s important know, if I go to Eurovision, I’m going to represent not just myself, but where I’m coming from. So I think it’s very important for my own people to know me to trust me to let me go to, to Eurovision, you know, so I saw this as a great opportunity for a new audience that I can connect with, and I just took the shot. I didn’t even want to think about it. It was the right decision.

Dave: So I noticed your first video was posted to YouTube, in October of 2020, which did quite well. But it was, of course, in the middle of a global pandemic, so how has it been trying to really kick off a big music career with the pandemic always present?

Andrea: Well, I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard in an aspect that you cannot have live shows. And that’s maybe the hardest part as a musician, as an upcoming musician. But, um, for my work ethic, and the things I want to do in recording music, and writing music, it didn’t really hurt me at all, because we are isolated when we write our music, or you can do them with one person, as for my instance, I have a producer and a composer as well, that helps me he’s also my mentor, and, you know, we can communicate, if we were negative, I can’t go to the student, it’s just going to be the both of us are kind of creative process was still there. But the only thing that I really, really, really missed was playing live, because that’s the only way you get better, you know, and, and you want that energy of those live shows that you can sit in front of an audience or whatever, you know, it depends on the energy and just like feed off it. And I’m very excited to start doing it again, because I do want to get better, I do want to meet new people, I do want to travel a lot, I’m you know, I’m very young, as well. So this is my time, so COVID … it’s like it’s harder, it’s harder, because you don’t know, even if you have a show in a different country, let’s just say that and you don’t know if that’s gonna, happen, because you don’t know maybe it’s COVID is gonna start going up rapidly again, and people are going to have to stay home and new measurements. So that’s kind of, it’s kind of hard, but I stay positive, because this is the path I chose for myself and I can’t afford to be negative. So I will find a way to put my music out there, no matter what’s happening in the world. And hopefully, I’m gonna write a song that it’s hard. So maybe someone is gonna connect with the song connect with the message, and I still gotta meet new people. It’s just gonna be online, you know?

Dave: It really must suck. Because even even TV station isn’t giving you guys live performances. They’re just releasing the songs, right?

Andrea: Yeah, I mean, maybe it’s better right now for the position I am in, because I cannot sing whatsoever. But, um, I’m so happy that I got everything done the recording the video for for, like the premiere tomorrow, because if I didn’t get that done in time, and I got sick, I was never gonna forgive myself, because this is really a huge opportunity. And I want to show myself in the best light, because it’s, you know, you’re going to be played for seven days straight on the radio, on TV. And if, if people don’t know you, they’re gonna know you because there is no opportunity that they don’t get the chance to know you. And I need to I need to get my music out there. That’s what musicians are working towards their whole life, you know, you create it, it comes from you, you create it, and you want to have the right resources to put it out there. So in a way, I’m happy that everybody’s gonna have the same video. That’s how the things are laid out right now. Everybody’s gonna have the same video kind of with different colors, maybe, but we wanted to have an even playing field. So the public can really just focus on the songs and the message and the music and make their decision based on that now, not by who looks better or whatever, you know. So I’m very happy about that. That’s the one thing that’s going for me right now.

Dave: You’ve got a bit of competition, though, because your music has a strong indie vibe. And of course at the time we’re recording this I haven’t heard your song yet, because they’re not out. But it seems like there’s a lot of indie songs around this year, so how do you think you’re going to be able to stand out against the competition?

Andrea: Easy, and I say this very, you know, confident because I have I have a very different sound, you know, like, the music we make. It has its own sound, it has its own mark. And because of that, it’s harder to to succeed in a way. But if you pave the way and do it, people are gonna start copying you. Because I don’t want to sound like everybody else. I don’t want to look like everybody else. I me, I don’t need to, I’m very confident in my own skin of how I sound and how I look. So I’m going to go with that no matter the odds. And that’s how I think I’m going to stand out. I’m not trying to stand out. But I think my music speaks for itself, and it stands out on its own. You know what I mean? I don’t know if that made sense.

Dave: So how did the whole songwriting process work this year? How did you create ‘Circles’?

Andrea: By the way, this is a fun time, we wrote ‘Circles’ a year ago. We just kept it because we knew it was a very special song. And we didn’t know, what was the right time to, you know, put it out into the world. But apparently, this was destiny. You know, we apparently we kept it for this occasion. And the process was very interesting. Because this is one of those songs when everything aligned, the chemistry was there, the magic was there, just I’m getting chills by talking about it. Because I can remember the situation very vividly in my head, like, when we were recording it. Like with my producer, his name is Moss, Alexander Masevski, like I looked at him, and we both got chills at the same time. Like, the song has pure emotion, that the lyrics is like the sugar on top, you can feel the song just by the melody. And I think that’s very beautiful, because the song speaks by itself. And the lyrics just gives it an easier meaning in a way. And it’s called ‘Circles’. Because, you know, I was going through a very toxic relationship at the time, not in not in a romantic way, it was very weird. And, you know, I always say this love is not enough. If you both are hurting each other, like, it’s not enough. At this moment in time, we cannot have a relationship, no matter how much we care, this is really bad. But getting off from that cycle, like trying to push yourself away is even harder, because you care for this person. You’re like, why can we not make this work, but it was hard. And we made that decision together to just like, go our separate ways. And it was it was better. I mean, I was happier, everything seemed lighter, everything seemed better. But I’m very happy that this is the song that I’m going to represent myself with to my domestic audience, and you know, maybe on the Eurovision stage, and hopefully we can be friends one day with this person. Because, you know, I mean, they helped me write the song, so they deserve some credit, you know,

Dave: So as you’ve said, it’s been really tough with COVID going on, have you had a chance yet to rehearse it?

Andrea: I’ve been rehearsing by myself. Not not like in, like, in a professional way. But I’m very confident about the song I don’t know, I don’t know how to how to explain it. It’s like the perfect pitch for me, the perfect tone for my vocal – everything is as it should be. So if I get the opportunity, I’m going to I have three months, if this all happens, I have three months, and you best believe that I’m going to spend those three months. And the best way possible to be prepared to go out there and just even if something happens to be prepared, how to like, find a way to come back to the right way. You know, it’s like, I’m super excited. I’m very excited the songs to come to come out tomorrow. I’m very excited to see what people sing because this is like essentially one of my babies and I’m very proud of it. I’m proud to say that this is my song. You know what I mean? Like, I’ve been listening I’ve been listening to it when I walk my dog and I’m like, oh my god, this is my song. I’m singing this like I’m I mean I’m ready to share it with the world and I think that’s very beautiful when it’s your piece you know, so I will practice it when I’m better and despite it’s not going to Eurovision or not I’m still going to sing the song live I’m gonna perform it live, so I’m going to practice it but haven’t been practicing it if I need to say it like concisely.

Dave: How might this look in Torino on stage?

Andrea: I have an answer for this. Actually, I was thinking about this earlier. I wanted to be in the most minimalistic way possible. Let me explain this a little bit. I know that I want to be dressed in all black. By the way, black is my favorite color. One of – and I want to I’m not going to, you know show off my body that much is going to be right you know it’s going to be right and I want to have like a modern dancer type of person with me like two people on stage. And I want to sync the emotions of the song. And I want a person to represent it in a physical way. And I think that both of those common combinations are going to look so beautiful, because there’s not going to be anything else to focus on, except for what the song means and the motion that it stands for. And I think that’s the important and the most bright way to go with it. So if I win, it’s gonna be a hard process to get everything done. But this is my life. And I’m and I’m very excited for it to get this type of opportunity. I mean, the stage is huge. Millions of people watch it, you know. So it’s kind of scary. But you can’t be afraid of your dreams, because somebody else is going to be already taken for you, you know?

Dave: How would it feel to represent your country on such a big stage with 200 million people watching?

Andrea: Well, yeah, that is a big opportunity for me. But it’s also like kind of a kind of a scary chance, because you have an obligation in a way. But I’m proud to say that I’m from here, nobody knows us. You know, nobody knows where we are. On the globe. Nobody cares, in a way. But there’s so many talented people here. And I’m so glad to us artists that people are gonna say amateurs, they don’t have a career, why are you sending them on Eurovision, you know, it’s a big stage, you have to be whatever, I’m giving the chance to younger artists that are not experienced, you’re giving them a chance to show themselves, you’ve given them a chance to show where they’re coming from, and what they have in them what they possess what kind of creativity and talent, and there’s a lot of it in Macedonia. So if I personally can pave the way for someone that’s going to come after me. I will do that. No questions asked, because everybody has dreams, so why not work on them, and why not accomplish them? Everything is hard. But if you choose to do art it’s very difficult. And you have to put yourself out there for people to get to know you. And I want to do that for someone else. I’m very glad that I have this opportunity now. And I’m glad that they’re doing it in this way. So more people can get engaged and more people can send stuff because nobody cares. You know, it’s music, whatever. Everybody does it. But there’s very specific things that are happening right now, especially in 2022. So, I’m very excited. You know, um, that’s all I can say. I think it’s gonna be great for me, and for everybody else who enters this competition next year and the year after that.

Dave: When this is over, whether you win or lose, what are you planning for let’s say the spring or summer? I don’t know if you got to do your tour after last year or not, so maybe some shows?

Andrea: Yeah, hopefully some shows. I didn’t get to do those because you know, COVID again, and it’s hard. But yeah, I have a lot of fun with this music. I’ve been working a lot lately. And I’m going to do a strategy, a plan of how I’m going to release my songs. You know, this is a very good opportunity also to like build your platform. You know, I’ve gotten so many followers in this last couple of days it’s insane. I couldn’t believe I was like, what is happening people know my face. I don’t know if I like it, but I kind of like the attention. You know, it’s weird social media can be so addicting. But yeah, so I I’m going to be excited to work again to show my new audience, the music that I have, the music I’m going to release to engage with them. So the plan is to just continue working because my dream didn’t start with Eurovision, so it’s not going to end with Eurovision. It’s just a great opportunity. So I’ll be excited to show my work again, to a broader audience essential.

Dave: You’ve already touched on the fact that you’re quite new to the industry. So if if anybody else is thinking of getting into music, in Macedonia, or maybe in another small country, do you have any advice for them?

Andrea: My advice would be, don’t trust anybody else for the vision you have for yourself. Because you’re unique just by being you. Nobody can know you better than you know yourself, by believing in yourself. Other people will believe in you too. That’s how it works. That’s how the energy gravitates toward people. And you’re going to find the right people around you. And they’re going to want to help you to make your dream a reality. You just have to work and practice very hard because everybody’s doing what you want to do. So don’t focus on what they’re doing. Just focus on what you’re doing, and your time will come. I’m a firm believer that if you work for what you believe in, opportunities are gonna come, you just don’t know when but you have to work towards those opportunities. We live in a digital area. Like it or not, you can get your music out there, you just need to find a way around the algorithm and just post videos. And the most important thing I can say is to be consistent. Consistency is key. You know, that’s how the algorithm picks you up. The videos, you can go viral in a day right now for the stupidest thing. So just work towards your dreams and good things will come because you have to believe if you believe in yourself, you will succeed.

Dave: Very wise words. You’re how old again? 21! Right. Well, thank you so much for your time. Do you have any last comments or anything to say to your fans or people that might want to vote for you?

Andrea: Well follow me on social media, it’s very important to see what’s going on @andreamusic20 that’s my handle. And if you like my music, please support me. There’s more. There’s always more. And if you like my Eurovision Song, make sure to comment and tell me that you like it. I’m very interested to see what people think so you can text me as well to tell me what you think about the songs. I’m here to listen. You know, I’m here to listen to the people. So thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and for letting me share my short story. This is very fun for me. I love talking to new people.

Dave: Thank you so much again. Чао!

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