BESS: “It would mean a lot to me to be a part of UMK and Eurovision continuum”

The final of this year’s Uuden musiikin kilpailu (UMK) is just around the corner, and in less than a week we’ll get to know who is the Finnish representative in Eurovision 2022. One of the contestants is BESS, who is competing for the ticket to Turin with her great and catchy song Ram Pam Pam. Although she has probably a very busy schedule at the moment, BESS still had time to answer a few question we asked from her. This is what BESS told us about her musical background, her song Ram Pam Pam, her favorite Eurovision and UMK songs and some other things as well:

Hello Bess and thank you for giving me this interview! At first I’d like to ask what is your relationship to Eurovision? Do you usually watch the contest and what are your favorite Eurovision songs?

Thank you, it’s my pleasure! My relationship to Eurovision is warm, I’ve always watched the contest and especially old Eurovision songs, for example songs from the 70’s are close to my heart. One of my favorites is ”L’oiseau et l’enfant” by Marie Myriam, which is also known in Finnish by the name ”Lintu ja lapsi”.

Could you tell us a little bit something about your musical background? When did you start singing and do you play any instruments? 

I started singing already in the womb and playing piano at the age of 5. Later I’ve played for example bass guitar, guitar and flute (badly). 

How was your UMK entry ”Ram Pam Pam” born and how would you describe the message of it?

The song was born in a studio session with Tomi Saario and Jonas Olsson. We had fun and vivid atmosphere and the song was born almost by itself. Tomi had a good idea and around that arised a good topic to the song. “Ram Pam Pam” is about courage and I want to encourage everybody to live a life that looks just like their own, with freedom and courage, without fear and take steps towards the things one wants to experience and do in this life. Life is way too short for all kind of trivialities, so it’s necessary to live and maybe also have a little bit of fun!

Have you followed UMK during the previous years and do you have some favorite acts from the previous UMK seasons?

I’ve followed of course, as an old metal woman and hair waver I have to mention Blind Channel, it works for sure!

Could you tell us something about your upcoming stage show in UMK?

It’s going to be explosive, you might want to throw the protecting fire blankets on your TV beforehand!

 What do you think is your greatest achievement in your career so far? 

The most significant moment in my career so far has been the decision I made in 2015, when I went to the studio to meet Nopsajalka (Finnish reggae artist and producer) and decided to be brisk and brave. Without that I wouldn’t be here now and my career wouldn’t necessarily even ever had started. 

Was it clear to you from the very beginning that you’d sing your UMK song in Finnish?

Actually even though my published solo material has always been in Finnish, this decision wasn’t clear immediately. I’ve written music also in English before and perform in English back in the days. 

What do you do when you don’t do music?

I do hot yoga, pet cats, read ”The handbook of the Biohacker” and ”Compassion” by Dalai Lama over and over again. 

What would it mean to you to win UMK and represent Finland in Eurovision 2022?

It would definitely be a huge honor and it would mean a lot to me to be a part of UMK and Eurovision continuum, Finland to the world map! I would receive the honor mission with enthusiasm!

What would you like to say to our readers and your fans from all over the world? 

Thank you for all your love, support and beautiful words, I respect them 100 % <3 I want to encourage everybody to believe in themselves and go bravely towards the things one wants to achieve in life. Bravely, even if it would be terrifying. It always pays off! Baby, I promise you, you won’t regret it! 

Thank you for the interview and the best of luck to UMK! 

BESS is competing in the final of UMK on February 26th 2022 with her song Ram Pam Pam. You can watch the music video of the song here:

Is BESS YOUR favorite to win UMK and represent Finland in Eurovision 2022? If the answer is yes, give her your vote in our poll:

Which act should win Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022 and represent Finland in Turin?
  • The Rasmus - Jezebel 36%, 766 votes
    766 votes 36%
    766 votes - 36% of all votes
  • BESS - Ram Pam Pam 30%, 628 votes
    628 votes 30%
    628 votes - 30% of all votes
  • Cyan Kicks - Hurricane 18%, 370 votes
    370 votes 18%
    370 votes - 18% of all votes
  • Isaac Sene - Kuuma jäbä 6%, 121 vote
    121 vote 6%
    121 vote - 6% of all votes
  • Olivera - Thank God I'm An Atheist 5%, 102 votes
    102 votes 5%
    102 votes - 5% of all votes
  • Younghearted - Sun numero 3%, 63 votes
    63 votes 3%
    63 votes - 3% of all votes
  • Tommi Läntinen - Elämä kantaa mua 3%, 56 votes
    56 votes 3%
    56 votes - 3% of all votes
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January 20, 2022 - February 26, 2022
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