‘Brividi’ Hits #5 on Spotify – Is Mahmood Eurovision’s next Johnny Logan?

Mahmood and Blanco’s song ‘Brividi‘ has done more than give themselves some ‘shivers’. Today the song has hit #5 on the Spotify Global Top 50 chart, an incredible achievement for a song that was released on Monday evening. In doing so, they have passed the likes of Elton John, Dua Lipa, Adele, and Ed Sheeran, who are all below them to round out the top 10.

Since coming second at Eurovision in Tel Aviv three years ago, Mahmood has had an incredible career. “Soldi” peaked at number 1 in Greece, Israel, Italy, and Lithuania. It was certified 4x Platinum in his home country and was the most streamed Eurovision song ever until January 2021 when the revival of Duncan Laurence’s ‘Arcade’ surpassed it.

Since Soldi, Mahmood has gone on to release eight more singles and a new album. Brividi is his first single of 2022, and based on the response it’s getting, it is clear that his popularity in Italy and abroad is only growing.

Does Eurovision need a new Johnny Logan, and if so, it is Mahmood?

Greats have come and gone in Eurovision over the decades, but one does stand out above them all – Mr. Eurovision himself, the Australian-born Johnny Logan from Ireland. After winning the Contest in 1980 with “What’s Another Year”, that song became a great success across Europe, but never reached the level of global success that Soldi did (although to be fair, Johnny didn’t have Spotify and social media to help!).

After What’s Another Year, Johnny didn’t have a huge level of success. He went through many personal difficulties, and often changed his style, he even rebranded himself as simply ‘Logan’ for a while. For Johnny, it must have been a long seven years as a ‘one hit wonder’ between his Eurovision triumphs.

Even after winning Eurovision again in 1987 and penning Linda Martin’s winning song in 1992, Johnny just hasn’t seen a huge level of success outside of the Eurovision Song Contest.

While Mahmood hasn’t won Eurovision, he didn’t need to in order to reach the fame and celebrity that Eurovision’s platform gave him. He took full advantage, and has launched a music career where his name is recognizable on every continent.

Is Eurovision ready for another superstar? That’s up for debate, but I would venture to say yes! If Mahmood and Blanco do go on to represent Italy in Turin in May, it’s a safe bet that they will do very well indeed. So, perhaps we are seeing the birth of Eurovision’s next superstar. As with many things, annoyingly, only time will tell.

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