Detailed voting results of Vidbir 2022 have been revealed!

Earlier today it has been confirmed that Kalush Orchestra is going to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2022. In addition to that Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC has released the full results of the jury and televote of Vidbir 2022.

The individual votes of the jury were as follows:

Rank Artist Song Tina Karol Jamala  Yaroslav Lodigin Total
1 Alina Pash “Tini zabutykh predkiv” 6 8 8 22
2 Wellboy “Nozzy Bossy” 8 4 7 19
3 Kalush Orchestra  “Stefania” 7 6 3 16
4 Our Atlantic “Moya lyubov” 4 5 6 15
5 Barleben “Hear My Words” 5 7 2 14
6 Roxolana  “GIRLZZZZ” 2 3 5 10
7 Michael Soul “Demons” 1 2 4 7
8 Cloudles “All Be Alright” 3 1 1 5


The televote results were as follows:

  1. Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 38634 votes – 8 points
  2. Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 19535 votes – 7 points
  3. Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 5646 points – 6 points
  4. Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 5034 votes – 5 points
  5. Cloudless – “All be alright” –  3410 votes – 4 points
  6. Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 2740 votes – 3 points
  7. Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 1605 votes – 2 points
  8. Michael Soul – “Demons” – 1239 votes – 1 point

The results after the combined vote were as follows: 

  1. Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 8 + 7 – 15 points
  2. Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania”– 6 + 8 – 14 points
  3. Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy”– 7 + 6 – 13 points
  4. Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 3 + 5 – 8 points
  5. Cloudless – “All be alright” – 4 + 4 – 8 points
  6. Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 5 + 2 – 7 points
  7. Cloudless – “All be alright” –  1 + 3 – 4 points
  8. Michael Soul – “Demons” – 2 + 1 – 3 points

While the voting took place the problems occurred while the hosts announced the televote results so they started it from beginning a couple of times.

During the announcement, presenter Timur Miroshnychenko was confused because he received an editorial error in reading a document where there were many numbers and numbers. This confusion did not apply to leading positions, everything was very clear. About the number of votes cast for one or another participant, I think we will be able to negotiate with a reputable audit company that has put its name on an independent count. I don’t think it will be a secret how many voted there. money from SMS or reduce their number. We guarantee that there was no interference in the calculations
Yaroslav Lodygin, Jury member and former board member of UA:PBC

Alina Pash won the contest after the voting troubles. But later on doubts arose whether she abided the rules set for Vidbir , given the fact that a few years ago Alina traveled to Crimea and the artists competing at Vidbir were only allowed to enter Crimea through Ukrainian territory and entering through any other country is deemed illegal by Ukraine’s government. There was investigation about Alina’s travel documents and on 16th of February she decided to withdraw from Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The Ukrainian broadcaster was considering the possible solution and it was yet to be confirmed whether the country will experience the same situation like in 2019 when four out of six participants of Vidbir said they don’t wanna represent the country and Ukraine withdrew from Eurovision Song Contest or a solution will be found and some artist would be selected in order to take part at this years edition of the contest. Four days ago it has been revealed that Kalush Orchestra agreed to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2022, and today UA:PBC has confirmed that Kalush Orchestra is going to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2022.

Ukraine will be competing as in the first half of the first semi-final scheduled for 10th of May. It remains to be seen if Ukraine will continue their 100% success with qualification to the final as they are the only country which always managed to qualify to the final every year since the introduction of the semi-finals. Last year, their representatives, Go_A ended on fifth in the final and “Shum” conquered Europe. You can check our interview with Kalush Orchestra HERE and watch the performance 0f “Stefania” below

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