Eurovision Artists React to the Crisis in Ukraine

As the world reacts to the horrible situation on the ground across Ukraine today, former Eurovision starts are also weighing in on social media. As we try and make sense of today’s events, below are some of their comments, including Vova Ostapchuk (ESC Host Kiev 2017), Manizha (Russia 2021), Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016, 2019), Little Big (Russia 2020), The Roop (Lithuania 2020, 2021), Francesco Gabbani (Italy 2017), and Laura Pausini (ESC Host Turin 2022).


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A post shared by Vladimir Ostapchuk (@vova_ostapchuk)

Vova Ostapchuk (ESC Host Kiev 2017)

I know that people from Russia follow me and follow me. Know that your soldiers, your army and your dwarf emperor have come to our house. Today at 5 am I heard explosions in the center of my native Kiev. I saw panic in people’s eyes. Tears of a wife and sirens of fire trucks. But at the same time, I saw that we are a Nation with a capital letter. We are ready to die for our land and freedom. We show the whole world that we are a Great Country. Read this, Russians. Because this invasion is your crime – Be quiet. Say yes to the terrorist in the Kremlin. I even really want you to NEVER FORGIVE this. And now – the Ukrainian army, police, guards, guards. My dear ones  […] My strength, the whole world marvels at us. […] We will overcome, for the truth is behind us. Everything will be Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦


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Manizha (Russia 2021)

This is the morning when you regret waking up. You don’t know where to go, who to help. I sit on the corner of the bed and cry. I cry because it’s not my choice. The current aggression is against my will, against the will of my family, I believe that it is against the will of our peoples. There are Ukrainians in my family too. My daughter-in-law is from Ukraine. My future husband is half Ukrainian. My close friends are Ukrainians. Russia and Ukraine are not just two countries. We are relatives. Any war between us is fratricidal. But we all need to be very careful right now. Do not give in to panic and information manipulation. Now any wrong move or word can be fatal.


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Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016, 2019)

A week ago, my son woke up at night in tears ! When I asked “What happened?” my 7-year-old son replied, “Dad, I’m afraid of war.” I replied “Sun, don’t worry, calm down, there will be no war”! And now the real war has begun! F*** what are you doing? I’m crying like a boy now!! Because it’s f-d up that the powers that be continue to measure their strength and weapons! And f*** life is ONE and it passes, and for many years no one can exhale and plan at least something for tomorrow, because politicians have other plans !! Please stop everyone! Together! Say STOP! Sit down at the negotiating table! Let people live!!! Nobody supports the war! I want my children to live in peacetime! I want to live and create IN PEACE TIME! No war!! #No war


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A post shared by Francesco Gabbani (@francescogabbani)

Francesco Gabbani (Italy 2017)

In May 2017 I was in Kiev for the Eurovision song Contest with Occidentalis’s Karma. Never before have the words “L’evoluzione inciampa” [evolution stumbles] seem relevant to me. I sang peace and I will sing it again. I am for peace always and in any case.


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