Fuld effekt: Fire, energy, explosions and bad boys

Our editor Matt spoke to Fuld Effekt who’ll be competing in this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

Hi guys. Congratulations on being chosen for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.How did you first get into music?

We have always felt like being musicians is like a DNA thing. We’ve sort of always known, that this is what we want to do. Me (Beefsupreme) and Zacdaddy are brothers, and we’ve always known we were going to be in a band.

We became friends with Spytclaus when we were teenagers, and started rapping together. Then Spytclaus met DJ Speakr on a skiing trip in Italy, who does all the producing. So we have been a tight band since 2016, where we write, produce and record everything ourselves.

How were you chosen for DMGP?
It was suggested to us and we sort of realised that we could just be who we always are. So the fact that we can be 100% Fuld Effekt, made it an easy choice for us to really pursue this.

What’s your song about?
Rave med de hårde drenge/Rave with the tough boys is a tribute to all the unapologetic ravers out there. Some people might look down on people who are different. People who ride scooters, or have a gigantic sound system built into the back of their car. But not us.

We respect people who just do their own thing, and are comfortable about it. Because that’s what we do. And the song is staged with a woman, who is sick of her boring life, who wants to try something new.

What inspires your music?
Our friendship is the pillar of our music. We play songs for each other that we are really into, and write lyrics that inspire laughter in the studio. We always want to impress each other, so our music naturally becomes more and more wild.

How will you stage the song?
Think Prodigy live. Fire, ENERGY, explosions and bad boys. We are going to leave everyone (including ourselves) sweating and dying for a pullup.

Are you fans of Eurovision? When did you first start watching it?
We love Eurovision, and we are extremely humbled by the reception we have gotten from outside of Denmark. It feels great to be accepted for being ourselves. We grew up watching the MGP Junior every year. So it is a big deal for us.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song?
Euphoria is such a gigantic banger. There are alot of good Eurovision songs. But Euphoria takes the cake for us.

Also there’s a lot of very famous Danish party hits we look up to. Such as the famous songs by Tommy Seebach

What’s been your favourite Danish song?
Teardrops. Catchy, and it’s just a cool vibe. She didn’t wear shoes, and I respect that choice.

And also the Viking – Viking power all the way!

Is there anything about you that people may not know?
Some people think we are a joke act, but we do actually take this very seriously. We are entertainers, and this is a full time job for us. We write songs, do our own artwork and build everything from scratch ourselves.

What’s your favourite non Eurovision song?
Beef: Today I’m going with the song Golddust by DJ Fresh.

But one of the songs we have been partying alot to lately is Do It To it by Acraze.


Some random questions: Who’s the last person you each messaged?
Beef: I sent my wife a heart emoji.

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
Probably Kurupt FM. Those guys seem hilarious, and would probably be a blast.

And also Måneskin, for just being rockstars. And we share the same language- Måneskin is a Danish word for moonlight.

Thanks so much for your time. Do you have any messages for your fans?
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE!! We really hope that Denmark sends us through to ESC, because representing Danish culture in Turin would be the greatest honour. And we want to meet more of this great community.

We are already proud of our involvement, but the reception we are getting from Norway, Canada, Russia, Italy, Hungary (and so on) has really hyped us up. We want to rave with all of you <3

Thanks guys. Wishing you the best of luck in the competition!

You can listen to the band’s song Rave med de hårde drenge below:

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