G-Nation: “It’s Time For A Girl-band To Take Over!”

Taylah, Isla, Mateja, Alessia, Emma and Rylee. They’re names you should remember because they make up the nation of G-Nat!ion. Formed in Adelaide, via the Australian Company of Performing Arts, they’re about to bring girl pop power to Eurovision – Australia Decides, with their track ‘Bite Me.

Ladies, excitement is building for Saturday’s live final, how’re you all feeling?

Performing at Australia Decides is such a dream for us! We are so excited to be alongside such amazing talent and perform for such a diverse audience. The staging, costumes, production, we cannot wait to see how this all comes together AND we can’t wait to perform in front of a live audience again – it’s been a while!

What has the fan reaction since being revealed been like? Have you given a collective term to refer to your fans? I suggest ‘G-Nat!onals’ 😉 

We’ve had a lot of support from fans – many who think Eurovision is right up our alley – so we can’t wait to put ‘Bite Me’ up there on that stage. We are yet to create a collective term to refer to our fans, so maybe we could adopt that…

When you put ‘Bite Me’ up there on that stage, what will it all look like?

Our song ‘Bite Me’ is an edgy pop anthem. We can’t give too much away, but the song is definitely an ode to owning to your own way and we’ll bring that! It’s a confident and fierce track and we hope to leave the audience feeling empowered after our performance. We cannot wait for Saturday!

We first found out about you on the 10th season of The Voice, how did you all form G-Nat!on? Are you all mates, or is it purely for the cause? 

We actually met at an audition here in Adelaide! Some of us knew each other prior to, but we all went along individually. We had to sing and dance – we were super nervous. We all ended up being successful, and here we are four years later. We’ve been mates ever since and this friendship has allowed for a chemistry and bond when we hit the stage.

How’ve you evolved since then? 

We have grown immensely since then. Over the years we have gotten to understand each of our strengths, and through that we’ve developed different performance qualities. We’ve trained more in dance and singing and we’ve really worked on our harmonies as a point of difference from other groups.

Who’ve been your musical inspirations? Do you take inspo from any Aussie girl pop groups who’ve come before you? e.g. Girlfriend, Bardot, Young Divas?  

Yes – we love all girl groups, but for this performance particularly we’ve been inspired by K-POP – the combination of big vocals, harmonies and rap as well as the choreographic element that we love to incorporate. Were definitely bringing our Euro A-game.

How deep does your appreciation for Eurovision go?

We appreciate how the competition brings so many different cultures and music genres together to celebrate creativity and songwriting. We also appreciate the history of Eurovision… ABBA to Conchita… iconic!

What’s your favourite Eurovision song, artist or moment?

Can there be one? ABBA was huge in Australia, and who doesn’t love ‘Waterloo’? From a recent pop perspective, we think Netta’s ‘Toy’ in 2018 was such a fun and creative performance as well.

Who would you collaborate with out of your AD colleagues? 

We would love to collaborate with Jaguar Jonze. We watched her 2020 performance at Australia Decides and we are OBSESSED! She’s got such an edgy vibe and alternative sound, it would be so cool to work alongside her.

What would you most look forward to if you win AD and get to go to Turin?

Seeing Måneskin perform as the last winners, being a part of such an iconic event, showing Europe how an Aussie all girl pop group do it… and of course, soaking in Italy.

What did you think of Måneskin? 

We think that performance was really cool, and for a pop/rock group to win too! They’re an inspiration for us being a group going into Australia Decides. It’s amazing to see how their career has just gotten bigger around the world since winning.

How can ‘G-Nat!onals’ binge more of G-Nat!on? 

Fans of G-Nat!on can find us on all social media platforms at @g.nation_official, or you can stream our original music on all streaming platforms!

Why you should win Australia Decides. 

Hey ESC Bubble community, we’re G-Nat!on! We are so excited to be a part of Eurovision – Australia Decides. We’ve been working together for four years, and as the youngest contestants, winning this competition would be a dream!

You’re gonna love our edgy pop anthem ‘Bite Me’. Australia has only ever sent solo acts to the Eurovision stage, so it’s time for a girl-band to take over!


Do the ladies of G-Nat!on have your vote? You decide.

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Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022 airs live and exclusively on SBS and SBS On Demand on Saturday 26 February (AEST).

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