Gušti and Leyre: ‘You can really feel that new love vibe in our song!’

Gušti and Leyre are competiting together in EMA in Slovenia for the first time together this year. They recently took the time to answer some of our questions. Gušti (real name Miha Guštin), is a Slovenian guitarist, lyricist and composer. He made his debut with Big Foot Mama in 1990, and in 2002 he released his first solo album, Dolce Vita. Leyre Legarda Ventura is relatively new to Slovenia’s music scene, yet she’s managed to perform in musicals like Pepelke (Cinderalla), and she recently released her own single Energy.


Zdravo Gušti in Leyre! Thank you so much for finding time in your busy schedule to talk to us! Congratulations on being chosen for EMA 2022! What made you decide to take part in EMA this year?

Gušti: Hello thanks for your questions … I decided to join EMA 2022, because I wanted to experience it, after so many years of being a musician. So. it’s something new in my music career.

Leyre: Thank you, like Gušti said, I also wanted to experience something new and since my music career is still very fresh, I see EMA as a big opportunity  to help it grow.

Gušti, how did the collaboration with Leyre come about?

Gušti: Actually I didn’t know Leyre before we started working on this project. When I decided to join the EMA competition I knew that I need somebody who is a really good singer. So after researching and talking with my producer Žare Pak I decided to call Leyre.

Who were your influences in music at the beginning of your career?

Gušti: I have many influences. I was a kid in the eighties and as a teenager I was completely charmed by the music at that time. So, my music character as a song writer has roots in the eighties/seventies.

Leyre: Since I was little, I was a big fan of any kind of music. I mostly grew up listening to latino American music and as I got older more soul jazz and also pop. I was very inspired by Amy Winehouse, Etta James and some other female artists.

Can you reveal anything yet about your song “Nova romantika”?

Gušti: It’s a song talking about new romantics. Watching the new generation of young people, how they see life, love and how they consume their freedom.

Leyre: Yes, I agree I think you can really feel that new love vibe in our song.

Gušti, are you playing guitar in the song (and maybe on stage as well)?

Gušti: I am mostly a song writer and I play guitar, but when I go in the studio we call people who can play guitar much better than me. But for shows I have a band where I play the guitar. So I will also play guitar on the EMA stage.

Have you rehearsed your song live yet? 

Gušti: No we didn’t rehearse the song live with a band yet, the song was just finished in the studio.

Are you Eurovision fans? If so, do you have a favourite song or a memory about the Contest?

Gušti: I definitely have some songs from Eurovision contest which made an impression on me. Last year the Italian song was brilliant, The winner from Portugal a few years ago was really nice. But the best song for me from Eurovision is still Waterloo from ABBA.

Leyre: I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan but I definitely love the idea of having this European contest where you get to represent your country and also see some of the best artists from other countries. I have to say I was really mesmerised with the last year’s performance from Måneskin they did a really good job.

What what would it mean to you to represent Slovenia at Eurovision in Turin?

Gušti: That would mean for me a great honour, to represent Slovenija on Eurovision contest

Leyre: Like Gušti said it would be a great honour.

What are your plans after EMA? Can fans expect any new music?

Gušti: You can always expect new music from me … it’s my life

Leyre: I am and will be working on different projects alone and with other Slovenian artists.

Thank you so much for your time! We wish you the best of luck at EMA! Do you want to share anything else or you maybe you have a message for your fans and the followers of ESCBubble?

Gušti: Thank you for your questions.

Leyre: Thank you for interviewing us. I hope that you will all like our song and that we will make you proud.

If Gušti and Leyre are your personal favorites in the second semi final of EMA 2022, make sure to vote for them, and for up to four other acts in our poll here:

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Gušti and Leyre were revealed as competing acts for EMA 2022 by RTVSLO on 19 December 2021. The final will be held in February to choose Slovenia’s 27th artist for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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